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you must be locked up
very well somewhere.
- I've never run into you in town.
- You have many times
but you stared at the ground
and never answered my hellos.
I see you every day. I work at
the cafe across from the church.
I don't go to cafes.
You were great. I had no idea
you could act so well.
- I'm not acting at all.
- Can I get your coat?
May I walk you home?
This is for you.
- I can give you my hat.
- That's okay.
Your head will get wet
and you'll catch cold.
Wow, you look pretty bad.
This is where I live.
Can I invite you in for coffee?
Have a seat.
Thank you.
- Do you believe in chance?
- What do you mean?
Do you believe in chance
or in destiny?
They are the same, aren't they?
Do you think that everything
is predestined?
No. If I believed that
everything that happened
in my life was predestined,
I'd rather have been born
I also wish I was born
to somebody else.
I'd have liked to have had
the same father as my sister
so I'd have her personality.
I don't believe in heredity.
We are what we do.
- You sure believe in yourself.
- More than in others.
Do you think
we met by chance
or was it destiny?
Or was it something
completely different?
No, I don't think anything.
Do you take sugar?
I don't drink coffee, ever...
We don't bring guests
into the kitchen.
Josef isn't a guest.
He'll be living with us.
Excuse me?
We got married yesterday. He has
already moved his things in.
Come on...
- How could you do that?
- Just tell him you love me.
- You keep out of this!
- But...
You'd have done the same.
The first available woman
picked you up,
so you didn't even come home,
- What do you mean "picked up"?
- I mean picked up.
Do you think
Olga gave in to your charm?
That'd be quite exceptional.
I asked her to do me a favor.
Is anybody here?
I can't go on without you.
You shouldn't come here so often.
It looks suspicious.
But I came to get my hair cut.
You'll be bald soon.
Let me at least give you a shave.
How are you doing, Jana?
Do you need money?
I heard that your mother...
that your mother is sick.
I'm going to write you
a check in the back.
No, don't be silly...
Okay, but be careful.
Where are you going? Wait!
Miroslav, wait for me! Wait!
Neither my sister nor I were
predestined to be successful.
We were constantly obstructed
by our own painful inability.
We accepted the fact that
we'd never achieve anything big
but we wanted to forget
what we did when we were kids.
In our desperate search for love
we kept running into each other
despite the fact
we tried to run away to others.
Thank your sister. She bought
it with her first bonus.
Come on,
you can't be making that much.
I threw in some savings, too.
- Aren't you happy?
- Yeah...
Well, play something!
And Mr. Doubrava
helped you out, huh?
Why would Mr. Doubrava do that?
He's talking nonsense.
Don't listen to him.
If you don't like it
then don't play it.
Can't you understand that
I'm actually in love?
That I don't want to be alone
when I'm old?
I'm always here for you.
Let's show those hypocrites
that we're worth something.
- You know what they think of us.
- I never really cared.
But you broke your promise
that we'd always be together.
We were kids back then.
Let's forget about it.
- You can get together with Olga.
- No.
I'm not going out with anyone
you set me up with.
You won't get rid of me
that easily.
Nobody tried to understand her.
She was a whore sleeping with
half the town at the age of 17.
No one noticed she was
desperately looking for love.
She gave up to desire
called lust.
By scarring her finest body
part she tried to get rid of it.
If she had died,
I'd have killed myself.
In 1889, Ferdinand Martinu
was appointed a tower keeper
of St. Jacob Church.
A year later the music composer
Bohuslav Martinu was born
and spent his childhood here
up in the tower.
Before that his father worked


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