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Железный человек

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- Hey Tony, remember me?
- I sure don't.
You look great, Hef.
What's the world coming to when
a guy's gotta crash his own party?
Look at you!
- Hey, what a surprise!
- I'll see you inside.
Listen, take it slow, alright?
I got the Board where
I really want them.
You got it. Just cabin fever,
I'll just be a minute.
Give me a Scotch,
I'm starving.
- Mr. Stark?
- Yeah?
- Agent Coulson.
- Oh yeah, the guy from the...
Strategic Homeland
Enforcement and
Logistics Division.
God, you got... you need
a new name for that.
Yeah, I hear that a lot.
Listen, I know this must be
a trying time for you,
but we need to debrief you.
There's still a lot of
unanswered questions,
and time can be a factor
with these things.
Lets just put something
on the books.
How about the 24th, at 7 p.m.
at Stark Industries?
Tell you what... you got it.
You're absolutely right.
Well... I'm gonna go to my
assistant and we'll make it date.
You look fantastic,
I didn't recognise you.
- What are you doing here?
- Avoiding government agents.
- Are you here by yourself?
- Where'd you get that dress?
It was a birthday present
from you, actually.
- I have great taste.
- Yes.
- You, uh, wanna dance?
- Oh, no, thank you. No.
Am I making you uncomfortable?
No, no.
I always forget to
wear a deodorant,
and dance with my boss
in front of everyone
that I work with,
in a dress with no back.
- You look great, you
smell great. - Oh, God.
But I could fire you,
if that'd take the edge off.
I actually don't think that you
could tie your shoes without me.
- I'd make it a week.
Really? What's your
social security number?
- Five.
- Five?
You're missing just a
couple of digits there.
The other eight? That's why
I got you, for the other eight.
- How about a little air?
- Yes, I need some air.
- That was totally wierd.
- Totally harmless.
It was totally not harmless,
by the way.
- Nobody was watching us.
- Everybody who I work with...
I think you lost objectivity.
I think they... we just danced.
No, it was not
just the dance!
You don't understand
because you're you.
And everybody knows exactly who
you are, and how you are with girls.
And all that,
which is completely fine...
But you know, then me, you're
my boss and I'm dancing...
Because it makes me look like...
the one who's trying to...
I just think you're
overstating, that's all.
And we're here, and then I'm...
wearing this ridiculous dress...
And then we were
dancing like that and...
- I would like a drink, please.
- Got it.
I would like a
vodka martini, please.
Very dry with olives,
lot of olives,
like at least three olives.
Two vodka martinis, extra dry,
extra olives, extra fast.
Make one of them dirty.
- Well... Tony Stark!
- Oh, hey!
Fancy seeing you here.
- Carrie. - Christine.
- That's right.
You have a lot of nerve
showing up here tonight.
Can I at least get
a reaction from you?
Panic. I would say
panic is my reaction.
I was reffering to your
company's involvement
in this latest attrocity.
- They just put my name
on the invitation,
I don't know what to tell you.
I actually almost bought it,
hook, line and sinker.
I was out of town for a couple
of months, in case you didn't hear.
Is this what you call
It's a town called Gulmira.
Heard of it?
- When were these taken?
- Yesterday.
- I didn't approve any shipment.
- Well, your company did.
Well, I'm not my company.
- Please, do you mind?
- Have you seen these pictures?
- What's going on? - Tony, you
can't afford to be this naive.
I was naive before,
when they said:
Here's the line, we don't cross it,
this is how we do business.
If we're double-dealing
under the table... are we?
Let's take a picture.
Come on.
Picture time!
Tony... who do you
think locked you out?
I was the one who filed
the injunction against you.
It's the only way
I can protect you.
The fifteen miles hike
to the
Железный человек Железный человек

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