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Железный человек

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That's a new direction.
For me... for the company.I mean, me on the company's behalf
being responsible for the way that...
- Oh, this is great!
- Oh c'mon, wait! Tony, Tony!
- I'll be in the shop.
- Hey, hey, Tony, listen.
I'm trying to turn
this thing around,
but you gotta give me something.
Something to pitch them.
Let me have the engineers
analyze that, you know,
draw some specs.
- No.
No. Absolutely not.
This one stays with me.
That's it Obie.
Forget it.
Alright, well this
stays with me then.
Go on, here, you can have
a piece. Take two. - Thank you.
Do you mind if I come down there
to see what you're doing?
Good night, Obie.
Day 11, Test 37,
Configuration 2.0.
For lack of a better option,
Dummy is still on fire safety.
If you douse me again,
and I'm not on fire,
I'm donating you to a city college.
Alright, nice and easy.
Seriously, just gonna start off
with 1% thrust capacity.
And 3, 2, 1.
Please don't follow me around
with it either cause I feel
like I'm going to catch on fire
spontaneously. Just stand down.
If something happens,
then come in.
Again, lets bring it up to 2.5%.
3, 2, 1...
Okay, this is where
I don't want to be.
Not the car,
not the car.
It could be worse.
We are fine.
Okay, we are getting there.
Yeah. I can fly.
- Jarvis, are you there?
- At your service, sir.
Engage head up display.
Import all preferences
from home interface.
Will do, sir.
Alright, what do you say?
I have indeed been uploaded,
sir. We're online and ready.
Start the virtual walkaround.
Importing preferences and
calibrating virtual environment.
- Do a check on control surfaces.
- As you wish.
Test complete. Preparing to
power down and begin diagnostics.
Ah, yes... tell you what.
Do a weather and ATC check.
Start listening
the ground control.
Sir, there are still terabytes
of calculations needed
before an actual flight.
- Jarvis...
Sometimes you gotta run
before you can walk.
Ready? And 3, 2, 1.
It feels like a dream.
Alright, lets see what
this thing can do.
What's the SR-71's record?
The altitude record for fixed-wing
flight is 85.000 feet, sir.
Records are made
to be broken. C'mon!
Sir, there is a potentially fatal
build-up of ice occuring.
Keep going!
We're iced up, Jarvis!
Deploy flaps.
C'mon, we gotta break the ice!
Cut power.
Note: main transducer feels
sluggish at plus 40 altitude.
The whole pressurization
is problematic.
I'm thinking 'icy' is
a probable factor.
A very astute observation, sir.
Perhaps if you intend to visit
other planets, we should
improve the exo systems.
Connect to the Cisco, have it
reconfigure the shell metals.
Use the gold-titanium alloy from
the Seraphim tactical satellite.
That should ensure
the fuselage integrity
while maintaining power
-to-weight ratio. Got it?
Yes. Shall I render using
proposed specifications?
Thrill me.
Tonight's red hot,
red carpeted,
right here at the
Disney Concert Hall,
where Tony Stark's
third annual benefit for
the Firefighters Family Fund
has become the place to be...
Jarvis, did we get
an invite from them?
I have no record of
the invitation, sir.
...haven't been seen in public
since his bizarre and highly
controversial press conference.
Some claim he's suffering
from PTS and has been
bed ridden for weeks.
Whatever the case may be,
no one expects an appearance
from him tonight.
The render is complete.
Little ostentatious,
don't you think?
What was I thinking?
You're usually so dicsrete.
Tell you what... throw a little
hot rot red in there.
Yes, that shall help you
keep a low profile.
The render is complete.
Yeah, I like it.
Fabricate it and paint it.
Commensing an
automated assembly.
Estimated completion
time is five hours.
Don't wait up for me, honey.
The weapons manufacturing is...
only a one small part of what
Stark Industries is all
Железный человек Железный человек

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