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Железный человек

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fun, right?
I got it, I got it.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I feel great.
Are you okay?
Don't ever, ever...
...ever ask me to do anything
like that ever again.
I don't have anyone but you.
Are we ready?
What do you want me
to do with this?
That? Destroy it.
Incinerate it.
You don't wanna keep it?
Pepper, I've been
called many things.
Nostalgic is not one of them.
- Would that be all, Mr. Stark?
- That would be all, Ms. Potts.
Hey butterfingers, come here.
What's all this stuff doing
on top of my desk?
That's my phone, that's
a picture of me and my dad...
Right there. In garbage.
All that stuff.
The future of air combat.
Is it manned or unmanned?
I tell you, in my experience,
no unmanned aerial vehicle
will ever trump
a pilot's instinct,
his insight - that ability
to look into a situation
beyond the obvious
and discern its outcome.
Or pilot's judgement.
Colonel, it's... why not
a pilot without a plane?
Look who fell outta the sky!
Mr. Tony Stark.
Speaking about manned
or unmanned,
you gotta get him to tell you
about the time he guessed wrong.
It's spring break,
just remember that.
Spring break 1987, that lovely
lady, what was his name?
Was it Ivan?
Don't do that, they'll believe it.
Don't do that.
Give us a couple
of minutes, you guys.
- I'm surprised.
- Why?
I swear I didn't expect to see
you walking around so soon.
I'm doing a little
better than walking.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Rhodey, I'm working
on something big.
I came to talk to you.
I want you to be part of it.
You're about to make a whole lotta
people around here real happy,
cause that little stunt at the
press conference, that was juicy.
This is not for the military.
I'm not... it's different.
What, are you humanitarian
now or something?
I need you to listen to me.
No, what you need is time
to get your mind right.
I'm serious.
It was nice seeing you, Tony.
- Jarvis, are you up?
- For you sir, always.
I'd like to open a new
project file, index as: Mark 2.
Shell I store this on the Stark
Industries' central database?
I don't know who to trust
right now. Till further notice,
why don't we just keep everything
on my private server.
Working on a secret
project, are we, sir?
I don't want this winding
up in the wrong hands.
Maybe in mine it could
actually do some good.
Not the boot, Dummy, right here.
You got me?
Stay put. Nice.
And you, you're no better
at it at all. Lift... I got it.
Okay, I'm sorry,
am I in your way?
That's great, don't even move.
You... are a tragedy.
Okay, lets do this right.
Start mark, half meter
back of the center.
Dummy, look for light.
Stand back for fire safety.
You, roll it.
Activate hand controls.
We are gonna start up
nice and easy,
raising 10% thrust capacity
to achieve lift.
And 3, 2, 1.
Up two? Alright, step back.
I've been buzzing you.
Did you hear the intercom?
Yeah, everything's... what?
- Obadiah's upstairs.
- Great, I'll be right up.
I thought you said you were
done making weapons?
It isn't. This is
a flight stabilizer.
It's completely harmless.
I didn't expect that.
How'd it go?
Oh, went that bad huh?
Just because I brought
pizza back from New York
doesn't mean it went bad.
- Sure doesn't. Oh, boy.
It would've gone better
if you were there.
You told me to lay low and
that's what I've been doing.
I lay low and you
take care of all the...
Hey, c'mon.
In public, the press...
This was a Board of
Directors meeting.
This was a Board of
Directors meeting?
The Board is claiming
a Post Traumatic Stress.
They are filing an injunction.
- A what?
They wanna lock you out.
Why, cause the stocks dip 40 points?
We knew this was gonna happen.
- 56 and a half.
- It doesn't matter.
We own a controlling
interest in the company.
Tony, the Board has rights too.
They are making the case that
you and your new direction
isn't in a company's
best interest.
I'm being responsible.
Железный человек Железный человек

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