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Железный человек

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tell me when
you see it. - I have it.
- Press Ctrl + I.
- Got it.
'Enter'. I, 'Enter'. Come over
here and button me up.
They are coming!
Doesn't need to look pretty,
just get it done.
They are coming.
Make sure that checkpoints are
clear before you follow me out, OK?
We need more time.
I'm gonna go
buy you some time.
Stick to the plan!
Stick to the plan!
- Yinsen!
- Watch out!
Come on. We gotta go.
Move with me. C'mon, we got
a plan, we need to stick to it.
This was always the plan, Stark.
Come on, you're going to
go see your family again.
My family is dead.
I'm going to see them now, Stark.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I want this.
I want this.
Thank you for saving me.
Don't waste it.
Don't waste your life.
My turn.
Not bad.
How was the fun-vee?
Next time you ride with me, okay?
Watch it coming up here.
Are you kidding me with this?
Get rid of them.
Your eyes are red.
Few tears for your
long lost boss?
Tears of joy.
I hate job hunting.
Yeah, vacation's over.
Where to, sir?
Take us to the hospital, please.
- No. - No? Tony...
- You have to go to the hospital.
- I don't have to do anything.
I was in captivity for three months.
There are two things I want to do.
I want an American cheeseburger...
...and the other one...
- That's not going to happen.
It's not what you think. I want you
to call for a press conference now.
Call for a press conference?
What on earth for?
Yeah, Hogan, drive.
Cheeseburger first.
Look at this!
I thought you'll be
in a hospital.
Look at you!
Oh, burger, you had
to have a burger.
Did you get me one of those?
There was only one left,
I needed it.
Hey, look who's here!
- Ms. Potts?
- Yes.
May I speak with you
for a moment?
I'm not part of the press conference,
but it's about to begin right now.
I am not a reporter.
I'm agent Phil Coulson,
with the Strategic
Homeland Intervention,
Enforcement and
Logistics Division.
- That's quite a mouthful.
- I know. We're working on it.
We've been approached
already by the DOD, FBI, CIA...
We are a separate division.
With a more specific focus.
We need to debrief Mr. Stark about
the circumstances of his escape.
- I'll put something in a book,
shell I? - Thank you.
Hey, would it be alright
if everyone sat down?
Will you sit down? That way
you can see me, and I can...
A little less formal...
What's up with the lovin'?
Don't look at me,
I don't know what he's up to.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
I never got to say
goodbye to dad.
I never got to say
goodbye to my father.
There's questions that
I would've asked him.
I would've asked him how he felt
about what his company did...
...if he was conflicted,
if he ever had doubts.
Or maybe he was every inch of a man
we all remember from the newsreels.
I saw young Americans killed...
...by the very weapons I created
to defend them and protect them.
And I saw that I had
become part of a system
that is comfortable with
What happened over there?
I had my eyes opened.
I came to realize that
I have more to offer
this world than just making
things that blow up.
And that is why, effective
immediately, I'm shutting down
the weapons manufacturing
division of Stark International...
...untill such a time,
as I can decide
what the future of
this company will be,
what direction it should take,
the one I'm comfortable with,
and is consistant with the highest
good of this country and the world.
What we should
take away from this...
...is that Tony's back!
And he's healthier than ever.
We are gonna have a little
internal discussion
and we'll get back to
you with a follow-up.
- Where is he?
- He's inside.
That... that went well.
Did I just paint a target
on the back of my head?
Your head?
What about my head?
What do you think the over-under
on a stock drop is gonna be?
- Optimistically? 40 Points?
- At minimum.
Tony, we're a
Железный человек Железный человек

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