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Железный человек

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for you to start
working immediately,
and when you're done,
he will set you free.
No, I won't.
No, he won't.
I'm sure they're
looking for you, Stark.
But they will never find
you in these mountains.
What you just saw...
that is your legacy, Stark.
Your life's work in the
hands of those murderers.
Is that how you want to go out?
Is this the last act of defiance
of the great Tony Stark?
Or are you going to do
something about it?
Why should I do anything?
They're gonna kill me, you...
Either way, if they don't,
I'll probably be dead in a week.
Well then... this is a very
important week for you, isn't it?
If this is gonna be my workstation,
I want it well lit,
I want all of these tools.
Welding gear, I don't care if it's
acetylene or propane.
I need a soldering station,
I need helmets,
I need goggles,
I would like a smelting cup.
I need two sets
of precision tools.
How many languages do you speak?
A lot. But apparently
not enough for this place.
They speak arabic,
urdu, dari, pashto,
mongolian, farsi, russian.
Who are these people?
They are your loyal
customers, sir.
They call themselves
The Ten Rings.
You know, we might
be more productive
if you include me in the
planning proces? - Aha.
Okay. We don't need this.
What is that?
That's palladium, 0.15 grams.
We need at least 1.6,
so why don't you go break
down the other eleven.
What are they doing?
Careful. Careful, we only
get one shot at this.
Relax, I've steady hands.
Why do you think
you're still alive, huh?
What do I call you?
- My name is Yinsen.
- Yinsen... nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Wow, that doesn't look
like a Jericho missile.
That's because it is a
miniaturized Arc reactor.
We got a big one powering
my factory at home.
It should keep the shrapnel
out of my heart.
But what could it generate?
If my math is right,
and it always is...
three gigajoules per second.
That could run your heart
for the 50 lifetimes. - Yeah.
Or something big for 50 minutes.
This is our ticket outta here.
- What is it?
'Flying the mountain' look.
Shesh Besh.
Good roll.
Good roll.
You still didn't tell me
where you're from.
I'm from a small
town called Gulmira.
It's actually a nice place.
- You got a family?
- Yes.
And I will see them
when I leave here.
And you, Stark?
So you're a man who has
everything... and nothing.
Doesn't look anything
like the photo.
Maybe he modified it.
- The tail doesn't seem right.
- Well, too bad.
The bow and arrow once was the
pinacle of weapons technology.
It allowed the great Genghis Khan
to rule from the Pacific
to the Ukraine.
An empire twice the size
of Alexander the Great.
And four times the size
of the Roman empire.
But today,
whoever holds the latest
Stark weapons,
rules these lands.
And soon...
...it will be my turn.
Why did you fail me?
We're working on it.
I spared your life.
Is this how you repay me?
It's very complex.
We're trying hard.
On your knees.
You think I'm an idiot?
Tell me the truth.
We are working hard.
Open your mouth.
- What does he want?
- You think I'm a fool?
What is going on?
Tell me the truth.
We are working on Jericho.
What do you want,
a delivery date?
I need him.
He's a good assistant.
You have till tomorrow...
...to assemble my missile.
- Okay?
- Yes.
Can you move?
Say it again.
41 steps straight ahead,
then 16 steps, left from
the door, four to the right.
33 steps, turn right.
Where is Stark?
He was here a moment ago.
Go find him!
Say something.
He is speaking hungarian,
I don't...
- Speak hungarian.
- Okay...
What do you know?
- How did that work?
- Oh my goodness.
- It worked all right.
- What do I do?
- Let me finish this.
- Finish last powering sequence.
Now! Tell me, tell me!
F 11. Tell me when you
see a progress bar.
It should be up right now.
Talk to me,
Железный человек Железный человек

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