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Железный человек

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me standing here.
I'm waiting on you now.
Lets go. C'mon.
Wheels up! Rock and roll!
What're you reading?
- Nothing.
C'mon, sourpatch,
don't be mad.
I told you I'm not mad,
I'm indifferent, okay?
- I said I was sorry.
- Good morning, Mr. Stark.
- No need to apologize.
- I told him I was sorry but he...
I'm just indifferent right now.
You don't respect yourself,
so I know you don't respect me.
- I respect you.
- I'm just your babysitter,
and so, when you need your
diaper changed, thank you...
let me know and I'll
get you a bottle, okay?
Hey, heat up the sake, will you?
Thanks for reminding me.
I'm not talking... we're not drinking,
we're working right now.
And you are constitutionally
incapable of being responsible.
It would be irresponsible
not to drink.
I'm just talking about
the night cup. - Hot sake?
- Yes, two please.
- No, just...
I'm not drinking,
I don't want any.
That's what I'm talking about.
When I get up in the morning,
and I'm putting on my uniform,
you know what I recognize?
I see in that mirror that every
person that's got this uniform
will get my back! - Here we
go again. I'm not like you.
No, you don't have to be like me.
But you're more than... yes you are.
Will you excuse me,
I'm a little bit distracted here.
No, you can't be distracted
right now. Listen to me!
Welcome, Mr. Stark.
We look forward to your
weapons presentation.
Is it better to be feared
or respected?
And I say, is it too much
to ask for both?
With that in mind, I humbly
present the crown jewel
of Stark Industries freedom line.
It's the first missile system
to incorporate our proprietary
repulsor technology.
They say the best weapon is
one you never have to fire.
I respectfully disagree.
I prefer the weapon you
only have to fire once.
That's how dad did it,
that's how America does it...
and it's worked out
pretty well so far.
Find an excuse to let
one of these off the chain,
and I personally guarantee you
the bad guys won't even want
to come out of their caves.
For your consideration,
the Jericho.
We throw one of these in with every
purchase of 500 million or more.
To peace!
- Tony.
- Obie, what are you doing up?
I couldn't sleep till I found out
how it went. How did it go?
Went great, looks like it's
gonna be an early Christmas.
Hey, way to go, my boy.
I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?
Why aren't you wearing
those pyjamas I got you?
Good night, Tony.
Hey Tony!
I'm sorry, this is the fun-vee.
The hum-drum-vee is back there.
- Nice job.
- See you back at base.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
What the hell did you do to me?
What I did?
What I did is to save your life.
I removed all the shrapnel I could,
but there's a lot left,
and it's headed into
your atrial septum.
Here, wanna see?
I have a souvenir.
Take a look.
I've seen many wounds
like that in my village.
We call them the walking dead.
Because in takes about a week for
the balls to reach the vital organs.
- What is this?
- That is an electromagnet.
Hooked up to a car battery.
And it's keeping the shrapnel
from entering your heart.
That's right. Smile!
We met once, you know.
At the technical
conference in Bern.
- Don't remember.
- No, you wouldn't.
If I had been that drunk,
I wouldn't have been able to stand,
much less give a lecture
on integrated circuits.
Where are we?
Come on, stand up.
Stand up.
Do as I do.
C'mon, put your hands up.
Those are my guns.
How did they get my guns?
Do you understand me?
Do as I do.
He says: "Welcome Tony Stark,
the most famous mass murderer
in the history of America."
He is honored.
He wants you to build a missile.
The Jericho missile
that you demonstrated.
This one.
I refuse.
He wants to know
what you think.
I think he got a lot
of my weapons.
He says they have everything you
need to build a Jericho missile.
He wants you to make
the list of materials.
He says
Железный человек Железный человек

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