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Железный человек

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that I was gonna die,
and yet proud of a man
I become. She'd be...
wildly conflicted, which
would only make her more...
crazy about me. Tell me you
never think about that night?
- What night?
- You know.
Are you talking about...
the night that we danced,
and went up to the roof...
and then...
you went downstairs
to get me a drink, and you...
left me there by myself?
Is that the night
you're talking about?
I thought so.
- Will that be all, Mr. Stark?
- Yes, that'd be all, Ms. Potts.
And now Mr. Stark has
prepared a statement.
He will not be taking
any questions, thank you.
It's been a while since
I was in front of you,
I figure I'll stick
to the cards this time.
There's been speculation that
I was involved in the events
that occured on a freeway
and the rooftop...
I'm sorry Mr. Stark, but do you
honestly expect us to believe that
that was a bodyguard in a suit,
that conveniently appeared,
despite the fact that...
- I know that it's confusing...
It is one thing to question
the official story,
and another entirely
to make wild accusations
or insinuate that
I'm a superhero.
- I never said you're
a superhero. - You didn't?
Well, good, because that
would be outlandish and...
I'm just not the hero type,
clearly. With this...
long list of character defects
and all the mistakes I've made,
largely in public.
- Just stick to the cards.
- Yeah, okay.
The truth is...
I am Iron Man.
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Железный человек

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