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Железный человек

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- Pepper.
- Tony?
- Tony, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Obadiah, he's gone insane.
- I know. Listen!
- You better get outta there!
- He built the suit.
Get outta there, right now!
Where do you think
you're going?
Your services are
no longer required.
- I love this suit!
- Put them down.
Collateral damage, Tony.
Defer the power
to chest piece.
Power reduced to 19%.
For thirty years,
I've been holding you up.
I built this company
from nothing!
And nothing is gonna
stand in my way.
And least of all, you.
You upgraded your armour.
I've made some
upgrades of my own.
Sir, it appears that
his suit can fly.
Duly noted. Take me
to the maximum altitude.
With only 15% power, the odds
of reaching that altitude...
I know the math! Do it!
Sir, you're not gonna believe this.
That thing is back.
Get me major Allen.
Scramble the jets!
Not necessary, people,
just the training exercise.
- 13% power, sir.
- Climb!
- Keep going!
- 7% power. - Just leave it on
the screen, stop telling me.
You had a great idea, Tony,
but my suit is more
advanced in every way!
How'd you solve
the icing problem?
Icing problem?
Might want to look into it.
We are now running on
emergency backup power.
- Potts!
- Tony!
Oh my God, are you okay?
I'm almost dead of power,
I gotta get out of this thing.
I'll be right there.
- Nice try.
Weapons status?
Repulsors are off line.
Very clever, Tony.
- Potts.
- Tony!
This isn't working, we're gonna
have to overload the reactor
and blast the roof.
- How are you gonna do that?
You're gonna do it.
Go to the central console,
open up bolt of circuits.
When I clear the roof
I'll let you know
and you're gonna hit
the master bypass button.
That's gonna fry
everything up here.
Okay, I am going in now.
Make sure you wait till I clear
the roof, I'll buy you some time.
This looks important.
I never had a taste
for this sort of thing,
but I must admit, I'm
deeply enjoying the suit.
You finally outdid
yourself, Tony.
It would've made
your father proud.
It's ready, Tony!
Get off the roof!
How ironic, Tony!
Trying to free
the world of weapons,
you gave it
the best one ever!
- Pepper!
- And now...
I'm gonna kill you with it!
You ripped up my
targeting system.
- Hit the button!
- You told me not to!
Hold still, you little prick.
- Just do it!
- You'll die!
Push it!
We've all received
the official statement
of what occured at
Stark Industries last night.
There have been unconfirmed
reports that a robotic prototype
malfunctioned and caused
damage to the Arc reactor.
"Iron Man", that's kinda catchy.
It's got a nice ring to it.
It's not technically accurate,
since it's a gold-titanium alloy,
but it's kinda attractive
name anyway.
Here is your alibi.
- Okay.
- You were on your yacht.
We told Pepper to put
you in Avalon all night
and sworn statements
from 50 of your guests.
I was thinking maybe we should
say it was just Pepper and me,
alone on the island.
That's what happened.
Just read it word for word.
There's nothing
about Stane here.
That's been handled.
He's on vacation.
Small aircraft have such
a poor safety record.
What about this whole story
that it's a body guard?
He's my body... ?
That's kinda flimsy.
This isn't my first rodeo,
Mr. Stark.
Just stick to the official statement
and soon this will all be behind you.
You've got 90 seconds.
Oh, agent Coulson.
I just wanted to say thank you
very much for all of your help.
That's what we do.
You'll be hearing from us.
- From the Strategic Homeland...
- Just call us S.H.I.E.L.D.
- Lets get the show on the road.
- You know, it's actually...
...not that bad... even I
don't think I'm Iron Man.
- You're not Iron Man.
- Yeah I am.
- You're not.
- Suite yourself.
If I were Iron Man,
I'd have this girlfriend
who knew my true identity.
She'd be a wreck.
She'd always be
Железный человек Железный человек

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