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Железный человек

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I shouldn't be alive...
unless it was for a reason.
I'm not crazy, Pepper.
I just finally know
what I have to do.
And I know in my heart
that it's right.
You're all I have
too, you know.
Sector 16?
What are you up to, Obadiah?
You did not tell us that
the target you paid us to kill
was the great Tony Stark.
As you can see,
Obadiah Stane, your deception
and lies will cost you dearly.
The price to kill Tony Stark
has just gone up.
So... what are we
gonna do about this?
I know what you're
going through, Pepper.
Ah, Tony. He always gets
the good stuff, doesn't he?
I was so happy...
when he came home. It was like
we got him back from the dead.
And now I realise...
...well, Tony never really
did come home, did he?
He left a part of himself
in that cave.
Breaks my heart.
He is a complicated person.
He's been through a lot.
I think he'll be alright.
You are a very rare woman.
Tony doesn't know
how lucky he is.
Thank you. Thanks.
I gotta get back there.
Is that today's paper?
- Do you mind?
- Not at all.
- Puzzle.
- Of course.
Take care.
Ms. Potts?
We had an appointment.
Did you forget about
our appointment?
Nope. Right now,
come with me.
I'll give you the meeting
of your life. Your office.
We've been working our best.
Absolutely, we're... I'm gonna
have to call you back.
Mr. Stane? Sir, we've explored
what you've asked us
and it seems as though there's
a little hiccup, actually...
- A hiccup?
- Yes, to power the suit...
sir, the technology actually
doesn't exist. So it's...
Wait, wait, the technology?
William, here is
the technology.
I've asked you to simply
make it smaller.
Okay, sir, that's what
we're trying to do,
but honestly,
it's impossible.
Tony Stark was able
to build this in a cave!
With a box of scraps!
I'm sorry.
I'm not Tony Stark.
Tony, are you there?
Easy, easy...
You remember this one, right?
It's a shame the government
didn't approve.
There are so many applications
regarding short-term paralysis.
Ah, Tony.
When I ordered
the hit on you,
I was worried that I was...
...killing the golden goose.
But, you see...
it was just fate
that you survived it,
leaving one last
golden egg to give.
You really think that just
because you have an idea,
it belongs to you?
Your father, he helped to
give us the atomic bomb.
Now what kind of world
would it be today
if he was as selfish as you?
Oh, it's beautiful.
Ah, Tony...
This is your Ninth Symphony.
What a masterpiece!
Look at that.
This is your legacy.
The generation of weapons...
...with this at its heart.
The weapons that will help
stir the world back on course.
With the balance of power
in our hands.
In the right hands.
I wish you could see
my prototype.
It's not as... not as
conservative as yours.
Too bad you had to
involve Pepper in this.
I would've prefered
that she lived.
What do you mean he paid
to have Tony killed?
Pepper, slow down.
Why would Obadiah...
okay, where is Tony now?
I don't know, he's not
answering his phone.
Please go there and make
sure everything's okay.
Thank you, Rhodey.
I know a shortcut.
Good boy.
- Are you okay?
- Where is Pepper?
She's fine. She's with five agents
that are about to arrest Obadiah.
That's not gonna be enough.
Section 16.
Section 16...
There it is.
My key's not working,
it's not opening the door.
Wow, what is that? It's like
a little device, like a thing
that's gonna pick the lock?
-You may wanna take few steps back.
That's the coolest thing I've
ever seen. - Not bad, huh?
Let's do it.
You need me to do
anything else?
Keep the skies clear.
Next time, baby.
Looks like you were right.
He was building a suit.
I thought it'll be bigger.
Take him out!
How do you think the Mark One
chest piece is gonna hold up?
48% power and falling, sir.
That chest piece was never
designed for sustained flight.
Keep me posted.
Железный человек Железный человек

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