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Железный человек

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see.. this isn't a game.
You do not send civilian equipment
into my active war zone.
You understand that?
It's not a piece of equipment.
I am in it. It's a suit. It's me!
Rhodey, you got anything for me?
Mark your position and
return to base. - Roger that.
On your belly!
It looks like a... man!
Shake him off!
Move, move!
I'm hit!
I'm hit!
Eject! Eject!
Whiplash One down.
- Whiplash 2, do you see a chute?
- Negative! No chute! No chute!
My chute's jammed!
Sir, I've got a visual
on a bogey.
Whiplash 2, reengage. If you
get a clear shot, you take it!
Major, we don't even know what we're
shooting at. Call off the Raptors.
That thing just took out an F-22
inside the legal no-fly zone.
Whiplash 2, if you have
a clear shot, take it.
They've been reengaged.
Execute evasive maneuver.
Keep going!
Got a chute!
Got a chute!
- Tony, are you still there?
- Hey, thanks.
Oh my God, you crazy
son of a bitch!
You owe me a plane,
you know that, right?
Yeah, well, technically
he hit me, so...
Now are you gonna come by and
see what I'm working on? - No, no.
The less I know the better.
Now what am I supposed
to tell to the press?
Training excercise.
Isn't that the usual BS?
It's not that simple.
An unfortunate
training excercise
involving an F-22 Raptor
occurred yesterday.
I'm pleased to report that
the pilot was not injured.
As for the unexpected turn of
events on the ground in Gulmira,
it is still unclear who
or what intervened,
but I can assure you that the U.S.
government was not involved.
Oh, it isn't that bad, sir.
Sir, the more you struggle,
the more this is going to hurt.
Be gentle,
this is my first time.
I designed this to come off.
Please try not to move.
What's going on here?
Let's face it, this is not the worst
thing you've caught me doing.
Are those bullet holes?
Compliments of Tony Stark.
If you killed him when you were
supposed to, you'd still have a face.
You paid us trinkets
to kill a prince.
Show me the weapon.
Come. Leave your
guards outside.
His escape bore
unexpected fruit.
So this is how he did it.
This is only a first crude effort.
Stark has perfected his design.
He has made a
masterpiece of death.
A man with a dozen of these
can rule all of Asia.
And you dream of Stark's throne.
We have a common enemy.
We are still in business.
I will give you these designs...
...as a gift.
And in return...
...I hope you repay me
with a gift of iron soldiers.
This is the only gift
you will recieve.
That's always been your Achilles
heel in this part of the world.
Don't worry. It will only
last for 15 minutes.
That's the least
of your problems.
Bring the armour
and the rest of it.
Alright, lets finish up here.
Set up Sector 16
underneath the Arc reactor.
And I want this dead and masked.
Recruit our top engineers.
I want a prototype right away.
Are you busy?
I need you to go to my office
and hack into the mainframe.
You're gonna retrieve all
the recent shipping manifests.
This is a lock chip,
this will get you in.
It's probably under
Executive Files, if not...
they put it on a ghost drive,
in which case you need to look
for the lowest
numeric heading.
And what do you plan to do
with this information
if I bring it back here?
- Same drill.
They've been dealing under
the table, I'm gonna stop them.
I'm gonna find my weapons
and destroy them.
you know that I would
help you with anything,
but I can not help you if you're
gonna start all of this again.
There is nothing except this.
There's no art openings,
there's no benefit,
there's nothing to sign.
There's the next mission,
and nothing else.
Is that so?
Well, then I quit.
You stood by my side
all these years
while I reaped the
benefits of destruction.
And now that I'm trying
to protect the people
that I've put in harm's way,
your going to walk out?
You're gonna kill yourself, Tony.
I'm not gonna be a part of it.
Железный человек Железный человек

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