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Железный человек

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outskirts of Gulmira
can only be described
as a 'descent into Hell'.
Into a modern day
heart of darkness.
Simple farmers and herders
from peaceful villages
have been driven
from their homes
displaced from their
lands by warlords,
emboldened by
a newfound power.
Villagers have been
forced to take shelter
in whatever ways
that they can find.
In the ruins of other villages
or here, in the remnants of
the old Soviet smelting plant.
Recent violence has been
attributed to a group
of foreign fighters, reffered to
by locals as the Ten Rings.
As you can see, these men are
heavily armed and on a mission.
A mission that can prove fatal to
anyone who stands in their way.
With no political will or
international pressure,
there's very little hope
for these refugees.
Around me, a woman begging
for news on her husband
who was kidnapped
by insurgents.
Either forced to
join their militia...
...to anyone who will stop
a child's simple question:
"Where are my
mother and father?"
There's very little hope
for these refugees,
refugees who can only wonder
who, if anyone, will help.
Women on the trucks!
The weapons here!
Abandon houses!
Hurry up!
Hold this rebel!
Put him with the others.
What the hell is this?
Kill this bastard!
You are incopetent!
Turn your head!
He is all yours.
- What the hell was that?
- Are we clear to go in there?
No, sir. They were
using human shields.
We never got the green light.
Department of State,
they're gonna be all over this.
We got a bogey.
Is CIA on the line?
I got them on line,
they wanna know if it's us.
No, that definitely
is not us, sir.
- It wasn't navy.
- Wasn't marines.
I need answers! Can I please
get eyes on target?
Get me colonel Rhodes
from the Weapons developement
down here now!
We ran an ID check
and crossed reference
with all known databases.
We have nothing.
Any high-altitude surveillance
in the region?
We've got an AWAC and
a Global Hawk in the area.
So this things just
appeared out of nowhere?
How come it didn't
show up on the Radar?
It's got a minimum Radar
cross-section, sir.
- Is it stealth?
- No, sir. It's tiny.
We think it's an
unmanned aerial vehicle.
Colonel, what are we
dealing with here?
I'm gonna make a call.
- Hello?
- Tony?
- Who is this?
- It's Rhodes.
Sorry, hello?
- I said it's Rhodes.
- Speak up, please.
- What the hell is that noise?
- I'm driving with the top down.
Yeah, well I need
your help right now.
It's funny how
that works, huh?
Yeah, speaking of funny,
we got a weapons depot
that was just blown up
a few cliques from where
you've been held captive.
- Well, that's a hot spot.
Sounds like someone stepped in
and did you job for you.
Why do you sound
out of breath, Tony?
- I was just jogging at the canyon.
- I thought you were driving.
Right, I was driving to the
canyon where I'm gonna jog.
Are you sure you don't have
any tech in that area...
...I should know about?
- Nope.
Bogey spotted!
Okay, good, cause I'm
staring at one right now
and it's about to be
blown to kingdom come
War room, this is Whiplash One.
I've got the bogey in my sight.
- Whiplash One, what is it?
- I've got no idea.
- You have radio contact?
- Non responsive, sir.
Then you are clear to engage.
Bogey just went supersonic.
I got a lock!
Incoming missile.
- Flairs!
Wait a second!
Bogey deployed flairs.
Deploy flaps!
Holly... this thing just
drove off the Radar, sir!
Satellite image has been lost.
- No way that's the U.A.V.
- What is it?
I can't see anything.
Whatever it was,
it just bought the farm.
I think bogey has
been handled, sir.
- Hello? - Hi, Rhodey, it's me.
- It's who?
I'm sorry, it IS me. You asked
what that was, and it was me.
Железный человек Железный человек

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