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Am I great or what?
Geez, this is heavy.
Cut me free!
All right.
There she is!
Iria, Iria...
Oh, that's right.
That's ugly.
Sorry I'm late.
You can let it go.
Are you all right?
Iria, answer us!
I'm fine.
I guess I owe you one again.
It's no big deal.
It's good to have
someone who can help.
You're right.
Come over here,
and let me see your face.
Go to the conveyor belt.
It's a bit far, but I will
tell you how to get there.
I'm going now.
Hey wait a minute, can
you stick your hand out?
It's my good luck charm.
Take it with you.
Thank you.
Now that I'm here, there
is nothing to worry about.
But your face...
That was something!
My foot was on a mine!
What was that?
It's free!
Are you guys all right?
Answer me!
They must have been
blown clear by the blast.
You better find them quickly.
Teppei, Kamiya...
Answer me if you hear me!
Yes, hello!
Are you two all right?
Looks like I am.
Kamiya, are you alright?
I hurt my back.
He's all right.
Iria is looking for you.
As soon as you three get
together, use the Transportation Unit.
Transportation Unit?
He said Transportation Unit, Kamiya!
It's right...
Bye, partners.
Iria, the transportation
unit was taken by Fujikuro.
You made a wrong turn.
Hey, let me go!
Let me outta here...
Hey, hey!
Let me outta here...
Let me...
How is Fujikuro?
I put him in a holding cell.
Serves him right.
It's not funny.
That was our last unit.
That means...
That's right, I can't bring
the three of you back now.
The only thing I can think of is
the Kamarite Fujikuro tried to steal.
Bob, we'll use the Kamarite then.
What are you saying?
We've spent so much
time and effort to recover it.
Bob, no matter how valuable it is,
that thing is still a transportation device.
Bringing the three of us
back is top priority right now.
Understood, I agree with you.
Tell me where it is.
Okay, it's on top of
a tower-like structure.
A tower-like structure...
Hey Teppei, let's take a break.
I don't think she's here yet.
The Great Kannon
statue is 111 .9 meters.
The size of a 33 story building?
I'm starving.
Would you like some?
Yuck, take it away.
What's that?
Looks like ammunition.
I can't eat bullets.
Hey Teppei...
I was going to tell
you when we got back...
Tomorrow, my kid's going to
play the piano at a school concert.
School concert?
My wife called yesterday.
She told me that I could
come see her play if I feel like it.
You mean your wife is
finally going to forgive you?
Well I dunno yet, but the thing is...
How can I put this?
Tomorrow is our anniversary.
Then, that makes it two of us.
Let's celebrate our
anniversaries together next year.
So, that's why I
can't go to your wedding.
I'm very sorry.
Don't be silly.
But, why were you asking me
about Akemi's shoe size earlier?
Well, I decided to buy a
new pair of shoes for my wife.
Remember, when all of us
were drunk at my apartment?
Akemi put on my wife's
shoe, and said that it fit perfectly!
Remember that?
Now, I know from experience that a nice
pair of shoes is a good gift for a woman.
All right then!
Tomorrow, be a
good father and husband!
That's great, do your best!
Why is it you cheering me on?
Now, don't be shy...
You're an excellent,
mature, 50 something man...
Who is 50 something?
Who is 50 something?
Well, Teppei?
Are you two having fun?
Iria, where are you now?
I think I am pretty close to you.
Can you see the face of
the Kannon statue from there?
Not from here.
Then, maybe she's behind the statue.
You should see the entrance
at the bottom of her feet, though.
I see it.
Great, go inside though that.
We're going in the front entrance.
All right, I'll see you inside.
Good, let's go.
Hey Kamiya, I heard a strange sound.
Kamiya, Kamiya?
Who the hell is that?
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