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Wait a second.
I can't drive like this.
You brought reinforcements.
There, it's connected.
How do you feel?
Okay, I can contact Iria now.
Hey, what is that?
What is going on?
Iria, what happened?
Send me the visual.
Who are they?
Looks like they tried to attack Iria.
I would guess they
were all killed by her back up.
Iria, what are you doing?
He was trying to help you.
You call this help?
This is mass murder.
But he did protect you.
If he hadn't come...
You saw the visual.
These weren't faceless attackers...
We knew some of them.
I do agree that he went too far...
I've had enough.
Decline the match
and transport him back.
I can't, Fujikuro
destroyed the transporter.
Hey, what happened to Teppei?
Is he there?
Why are you there?
Hey listen, I didn't come
here expecting to see you.
Teppei went there, right?
Teppei's here?
What do you mean?
This is one messed up guy.
Is Teppei with you?
So, your partner's name is Teppei.
Be careful, if anything
happens to him, I will kill you.
Stop saying such scary things.
Let's trade, come with me.
How far are we going?
We're almost there.
But first, get rid of all your weapons.
Up ahead, there's a
flashy car parked by the road.
He's in there.
Is he all right?
Yeah, for now...
...if I press this, then boom!
So, give me the Kamarite.
Now, take me to where Teppei is.
Hey, your partner's good.
I said that he was better than you.
We're going to look for Teppei.
What is it?
We have incoming
orders to destroy the robot.
Why? lsn't it supposed to be an ally?
According to analysis,
the probability of it losing control is 98%.
The cause is a
biological unit that was installed.
Can you be more clear?
It's Zeiram!
There is no way to control it.
Combat Mode: Creating Battle Zone
3-D Scan: Executing
Spacing Data Under Construction:
Carving Elemental Materials
Level-5 Zone Force Field
Construction Completed
What the hell just happened?
Bob, what's going on?
It's him, it's starting.
What do you mean?
I mean, it's out of control!
I'm receiving a message from him.
It says, Target Selection Complete.
Begin Match with Type-B attachments.
Target One, lnvestigator Iria.
Target Two, Name Unknown.
It must be Teppei!
Target Three, lnvestigator Fujikuro.
You have ten
minutes to equip yourselves.
I will signal when the time is up. Over.
It's definitely not over.
Live ammunition will be used.
Hey, there's a force field over here!
Bob, that shock, was it...
It looks like it.
Everyone was transported into a Zone.
The department's robot is impressive.
The Zone is nearly perfect.
This must be Teppei.
He's at the factory.
This is no good.
We've lost Iria and the other two.
The Zone's frequency
is different from ours.
We're going to ambush it.
It started to move.
It's fast!
Watch out, it is hiding nearby.
Changing to D type weapon
Hey, are they going to be all right?
I don't know, I'm
analyzing its data right now.
You don't learn, do you?
Iria, a section of its
shield has been broken.
Iria, the suit's shield is damaged.
If you get hit now, you're in danger.
It's the same with him.
Good move, the rest
of its shield is gone now.
Thanks, Bob.
It's nice to have a good partner, right?
So, how are you going to get me?
Iria, I don't want this
communication monitored.
Scramble the frequency.
I understand.
How's that? Can you hear me?
What's this?
Answer me.
Okay, that's fine.
I will send a transporter unit there.
Once you meet Teppei, send me
the code I will get you out of there.
Remember, you
two have to be together.
I'll find Teppei.
I'm right here.
Teppei, where are you now?
I'm saved!
But, are you all right, Iria?
I heard a loud explosion.
I thought you would be there,
but I got caught by this strange guy.
Damn it, who cares
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