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and I accepted it as a job.
A job?
After finishing the
support job on this planet...
...we will relocate it to Tyrant, and
simulate combat using Type B equipment...
That doesn't concern Fujikuro.
Oh, don't be a stranger.
When you were stranded with a broken
transporter at Tao Wa Jan, who saved you?
How long ago was that?
I've already paid back my debts.
Even your payment
for this job is special.
Oh, come on.
Fujikuro, we're
finished working with you.
Yeah, yeah, I understand.
Before you go, could you
check the parabolic antenna?
Yeah, Kamiya can't make it.
Well there's another
person I wanted to invite...
...but she lives far away, so...
Yeah, I'll call you later, then.
Yeah, right... Right.
It will only take me half an hour.
Oh, excuse me, I need
to get a pack of cigarettes.
Misfortune awaits you in that direction.
I'm telling you, you shouldn't go.
Iria, are you all set?
I'm ready.
Transport me now.
Okay, I understand.
Hey, where is this place Iria went to?
Is it far from here?
It's about 40 minutes by a
common vehicle of this planet.
I see.
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Iria won't be able to return!
I tried to warn her
that misfortune awaits in that direction!
This was your
objective from the beginning.
Don't take it personally.
Once you restored it,
it became mine for the taking.
It seems misfortune effects everyone.
Shut up!
It seems misfortune affects everyone.
It seems misfortune effects everyone.
Transport me to
where Iria went at once...
Are you...
...a friend of Iria?
I said...
You shut up!
So, do you have a vehicle
called a "Four Wheeled Motor Car"?
Old man, I'm going to borrow the TV.
Don't do that, it's just getting good.
Oh, stop complaining.
You better put it back later.
Hey, clean up will ya!
That was terrible, Kamiya...
3-4 was a total disaster.
I quit playing the horses.
You should too.
Go get married and settle down.
What do you mean by that?
By the way, Kamiya, did
you meet with the boss today?
Thought so, he was angry.
Let me see...
He mentioned the
business with Yamamoto Shoji.
He said he won't
give you a bonus this year.
Shit, I forgot all about it!
What's that?
That's a phone.
Oh, Teppei?
It's Kamiya.
Thank you for your business.
What's he talking about?
I'm calling to ask you
about Yamamoto Shoji.
Do you know what happened with it?
About that client...
Listen, the president said go to
the Makeyama building for that.
Kameyama building?
But that's a deserted building, isn't it?
What are you talking about?
Listen to me.
That woman's here again.
Are you listening?
The boss said go to the Kameyama
building in regard to that case also.
I have to go now.
What is he saying?
Finally, he comes.
Excuse me...
It's Takahashi Electronics.
Excuse me.
Hey, is it...
We've arrived.
I guess I need to walk from here on.
Good riddance.
Get out!
I didn't realize you could find this place.
I wish I could
compliment you, but I'm busy.
Sorry, but I can't bother with you now.
I can't do that.
You embarrassed us last time.
No matter how many times you try...
...the results will be the same
because you have no chance of winning.
Unfortunately, this time
it's not just the three of us.
Being here with this many people
can be considered an A class crime.
Do you know that?
If you return the Kamarite, we
will just settle with one of your arms!
Can you really...
...take this away from me?
Damn, she really had it.
What now?
Showtime's over, come on.
But, wait...
Teppei better be all right.
Iria is far more competent
than the man who took Teppei.
When I fix you, I'm
charging you repair fees this time.
There she is!
Bob, can you hear?
Bring me back now,
things are going bad.
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