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right, now then: you bring me the
permission for Anny and Betty to get married...
...and I in turn give you my heart.
I agree!
We shall get married today!
Don't lose time while I haven't
changed my mind. I am so mischievous!
I'll run, fly, rush!
I'd die for a cigarette.
Do you prefer loneliness
to our humble company?
Oh. You know, I...
I suffer...
...from a nervous breakdown.
And the doctors prescribed
complete rest to me.
Are you leaving already?
- Yes. I believe, someone is calling me.
- No, you imagined it.
Stay with me, please.
Aunt told me to stay here.
I want to tell you in strict confidence,
today I am in her way.
The thing is that many
many years ago...
...my Aunt and sir Francis...
- Yes?
...were madly in love with each other.
What, what a naughty boy!
Probably he used to whisper to her
too that she was a tender violet
and he a fatigued wayfarer.
Believe my experience,
the military can't be trusted.
Tell me, why then didn't
he get married to her?
That happens quite often. He didn't make
his feelings clear at the right moment.
And then he had to leave
for some distant colony...
...and they lost touch.
It's so sad, so painful when
two people love each other...
...and have to part without having
made their feelings known.
And I have to keep silent.
I... Wait, wait.
- I...
- Yes?
I wanted to...
You see...
You old donkey.
What is my baby whispering?
That my Krigsy has come at last!
Yes, yes, it's me!
Why doesn't my little baby...
...embrace his little Krigsy?
Because I haven't as yet got
the promised permission. Where is it?
- Yes?
- Yes.
It is here.
But promise me that as soon as you get this
paper we will announce our engagement.
Naturally, naturally.
If only you don't change your mind.
What? I shall never change my mind.
Here is the permission duly
signed and stamped.
Here it is.
That is the end of my tortures.
At least a kiss. I entreat you.
I am going to change.
I'll kiss you...
If you still want it.
She thinks I need her kiss.
I need her millions.
Congratulate me, colonel, I am
the happiest man on the earth!
Sir, what are you doing, sir?
Sir, leave me alone! Sir, sir!
- Miss Thompson!
- Mr. Krigs!
- I am the happiest man on the earth,
miss Thompson! - Mr. Kriggs!
How horrible.
Lucky bastard.
I could never imagine that one could
get married to such a vulgar woman.
You think she is vulgar? Didn't you
yourself propose to her?
She refused you. Sad as it may be
but you'll never get her millions.
And it's such a pity.
Quiet, quiet.
Ladies and gentlemen!
I would like to make a very
important announcement.
...a lonely bachelor. But suddenly...
...the fairy who illuminated
the soul striving for happiness.
...fairy, I agreed
to let my niece Anny...
...fairy, I also agreed to let...
...Betty and Mr. Francis Chesney,
...the son of my friend colonel
Francis Chesney, get married.
This heavenly fairy honoured me
with her agreement to become...
...my beloved wife.
The name of my fairy is...
...Donna Rosa d'Alvadro...
May I come in?
- Will I be in the way?
- Well?
There she comes. My fairy!
What is it?
I am Charley's aunt from Brazil where in
the forests there are lots of wild monkeys.
Calm down, sir. I can at least
partially replace Donna Rosa for you.
Shut up, old witch!
The permission to get married is not
valid because it was a fake aunt!
But I am real.
Yes? And what is your name?
Donna Rosa d'Alvadores.
Donna Rosa...
...I am an old soldier and
do not know the terms of love,
...but when I first saw you,
beautiful donna Rosa...
...I felt...
"I've been forever entangled
by love and poverty.
Poverty wouldn't be so bad
were there no love.
Why should cruel fate
always interfere with love?
Why is love a slave
of wealth and success?
After all there is little happiness
in money and glamour.
Only pitiable fools
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