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- They are so small!
- Where are your angels now?
- They are with their father, naturally!
- What father?
With Don Pedro!
But Don Pedro is dead.
What an misfortune.
What difference does it make?
- Some more?
- Yes.
Well, with some other Pedro.
What difference does it make?
There are lots of Pedros...
...in Brazil.
You can't even count them!
- Yes.
- Yes.
It's hard to believe you
lived in Brazil.
For example all ladies there
smoke cigars just like men.
- Do you have this habit?
- I adore cigars. Give it to me!
I adore cigars.
Let's smoke.
Our way, the Brazilian way.
Unfortunately I haven't lived in Brazil
long enough and haven't got
into the habit of smoking cigars.
No! What a pity.
Well, I have.
A remarkable country! It's...
A remarkable country. Yes.
In the forests there are
so many wild monkeys! They...
- Please, my dear.
- What is it! What...
- Hey, what are you doing?
- What?
- Bastard!
- Thank you.
They... they... when they jump!
When they jump!
Let's drink our way!
Betty, play something for us,
please, something touching.
Yes, I like touching music very much. Play
us a military march and let it be loud.
But I don't know any touching marches.
Then let Anny sing us something merry.
I am a Cocroach, I am a Cocroach
I am a black Cocroach
I am a Cocroach, I am a Cocroach
- That'll do, that'll do!
- Quiet.
I'll sing for you.
Bravo! Bravo!
A Brazilian folk song.
Don Pedro adored them.
Brazilian folk song
"Love and Poverty"!
Lyrics by Robert Burns.
"I've been forever entangled
by love and poverty.
Poverty wouldn't be so bad
were there no love.
Why should cruel fate
always interfere with love?
Why is love a slave
of wealth and success?
After all there is little happiness
in money and glamour.
Only pitiable fools
and cowards adore them.
When I see your shining eyes
I lose my head
But you say that I should
remain sensible.
If you are poor and in love
you can only be happy
If you do not envy the rich
Why should cruel fate always
interfere with love?
The flower of love won't bloom where
there is no glory and no success.
Here is to Don Pedro!
I can't show up in front
of her like that!
- I can't!
- Whom do you mean "her"? Whom? Whom?
Miss Delay!
Ah, Miss Delay is Miss Thompson's
niece, isn't she?
- Yes, but what has she got
to do with it? - Quiet.
She is that very young lady!
Oh yes, yes, the drama of your
whole life. I understand.
Good bye.
Catch him, Jacky, catch him!
Catch him, Jacky! Don't shout!
- Let me go! Let me go!
- He's crazy!
- I want to be a man! I want
to be a man! - Jacky!
- I want to be a man!
- Jacky, he'll kill me!
Quiet! It's time to finish him off.
Quiet. Keep calm.
Donna Rosa, Donna Rosa!
Donna Rosa, I hope
you had a good rest?
You look so tired.
- My uncle said it's all nerves.
- Yes, yes.
Ella, she's here.
You are still unwell?
Smell it, smell. It's the best cure
for a headache.
Where is she?
- I envy you so much. Guess why.
- Why? My age?
Your age... Your aunt
is absolutely charming!
They must be left alone.
Let's go into the garden.
It's a heavenly place.
Rosie. Rosalia, darling...
She is not here. Rosalia!
But where is she?
She wants to play with me
a little first.
But why are you evading me?
But why...
Dear Rosa...
- What is it, Baby?
- I am angry with you.
And what about me? You are breaking
my heart. What have I done wrong?
I still haven't got the permission for Betty
and Anny to get married signed by you.
What is that, Baby?
Can you explain to me,
what do you need that for? What?
It's my whim!
Oh you, mischievous girl.
Rosalia. Rosalia.
- What are you doing?
- Come on.
- Oh my, what are you doing?
- Come on, let's talk about love.
No, no, no, you do not know my secret yet.
I am not like other women.
I do feel it. Rosalia, stop it!
Patent idiot.
We, women, can do whatever we like
with men. That's just something!
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