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What makes your beautiful eyes
look so sad? What is it?
Oh, Donna Rosa, in his will
our father stated that...
...until we are 25 years of age
we can get married...
...only with the permission
of our guardian judge Krigs!
Oh! Oh!
You know, this guardian
of yours is such a bloo...
Sorry. Back in Brazil all
high-society women swear like that.
Yes. They are very original.
So, my dears, I am not quite sure
our venture will be a success.
Donna Rosa, Donna Rosa, wait a minute!
Donna Rosa, you're so kind, so rich.
And do you know that it's just
what our uncle values most of all.
It's indespensible.
You know, it must be done today.
Because tomorrow we are leaving
for Scotland. Please, help us, dear.
Help us, you loved once too,
didn't you. She did!
I'll try to fix it, but that
won't be easy. Not at all!
What's the trouble?
You see, I want to be...
...your best friend.
- I swear to you!
- Me too!
- I swear to you!
- Me too!
- I am such a friend...
- And l...
- And l... and l...
- A friend...
- I am such a friend...
- And l...
Damn it all, being a woman
has its nice moments too.
I could do with a drink.
Yes, sir?
Are you crazy?
Don't call me "sir".
Sorry. What is it, madam?
Madam would very much
like a sip of cognac.
Yes, sir. I mean madam.
At last!
- Donna Rosa...
- Yes?
Anny made me so happy when
she said you asked to see me.
You were so graceful trying
to run away from me.
She won't run away from me any more.
Oh! How fortunate.
Here is too you, Donna Rosa.
- You may go, Brasset.
- Yes, sir.
- What? What? What did he say?
- What? You bastard!
- Imagine calling a lady "sir"!
- He is drunk.
- Then you are a drunkard!
- Me drunk?!
- Drunkard! Yes, yes!
- I am sorry, sir, I am sorry.
Very well, madam. But I said madam.
This is madam. Yes, this is madam.
- Yes, this is madam! Yes!
- Quiet, quiet.
- Mister Chesney, you promised to introduce
me to donna Rosa. - With pleasure.
To hell with you!
- Donna Rosa.
- What is it?
Donna Rosa, let me introduce
miss Thompson to you.
Glad to meet you.
I am Charley's aunt from Brazil, where in
the forests there are lots of wild monkeys.
Why talk to this vulgar woman?
What a nice meeting.
You husband and I were good
friends for many years.
Everything is lost.
She knows my Brazilian husband!
- Everything is lost. She knows my
Brazilian husband! - How do you do?
Everything is lost. She knows my
Brazilian husband. I am leaving.
Damn the old fool. Try to keep
your mouth shut for the time being.
Sir who is going to serve tea?
Of course it'll be me, the oldest
lady among those present.
Of course it'll be me, the oldest
lady among those present.
My dear!
I am very pleased.
- You are so kind.
- Thank you.
- Please. Please.
- Donna Rosa...
When did you come to Britain,
Donna Rosa?
I suggest you change the topic.
- I suggest you change the topic.
- Idiot!
Ask if some one would like
some more cream or sugar.
Does anyone want some
more cream or sugar?
You must have shed a lot of tears
after losing poor Don Pedro.
Don Pedro... And who's that?
How do you mean? You don't know
the name of your own husband?
Oh, my husband!
You should have said so.
My husband... Yes, you are right.
Oh, Don Pedro... Oh!
He was such a man! Exceptional.
I still cry when I think of him.
He was...
Although, he did like
an occaional drink.
But Don Pedro never touched alcohol.
I am becoming so forgetful.
She likes drinking.
I must make use of it.
I can't undestand why is it that
when I first met Don Pedro...
...he kept telling me
he was not married. - What?
Don Pedro? Do you know
what sort of a man he was?
What sort of a man he was? He was...
He was a cruel crafty tyrant!
- He tortured his wife, his children,
his maid... - Do you have children too?
Yes! Some five or six of them.
I don't quite remember now.
I haven't seen my little angels
for such a long
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