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- I say, Jacky...
- What?
His behavior is absolutely indecent.
Taking advantage of the fact that
he is a man... I mean a woman...
...he walks with my Annie in the most intimate
parts of the garden and tenderly embraces her.
Nonsense. I am in real trouble.
What? Is some one ill?
Yes, my poor dad.
What's wrong with him? Where is he?
- In his room.
- Oh.
- And what is he doing there?
- Drinking champagne to get brave.
A very queer illness, Jacky,
a very queer one.
- He decided to propose to her!
- To whom?
To whom? To this rascal your aunt!
Good gracious! What a plight.
It was all your idea!
- My?!
- Yours!
- It was you who confused me! You and
your nasty aunt! - Me?! You said me?!
- You totally confused me!
- And who shaved her?
- Who?
- Who shaved her?
- I'd rather have killed her!
- Yes, you'd better have killed her.
What is the matter?
What a brute!
Betty, you are heavy.
You are heavy, Betty. You are...
End of part one.
Oh, oh!
- You frightened me so! You...
- Quiet!
- You have no conscience, you brute, do you?
- I am so ashamed. I am bashful, you know.
Cut it out! You are supposed
to be helping us, and you are...
- Am I not helping you?
- What a strange way to help.
Instead of keeping the old folk
at bay you seduce the girls!
Prepare for the worst.
Oh, you frighten me,
I am a nervous woman!
- Listen.
- Yes?
- My dad is going to get married.
- Very well. To whom?
- To you, you scoundrel!
- That's too much.
Stop fooling around! He'll propose
to you and you'll refuse him flat.
- It's very simple.
- That's not easy.
- It's very simple!
- No, that's not easy.
- It's very simple!
- That's not easy!
I don't know the rules
of refusing ardent admirers!
Besides, widows are not
in the habit of refusing.
Oh, pardon me, pardon.
Jacky, son, leave us alone.
I am happy to see you, Donna Rosa.
Oh, you are such a sweet man.
That's quite something!
She is flirting with me, that's obvious.
I must begin a resolute assault.
But first the laws of tactics
require artillery preparation.
Donna Rosa!
Donna Rosa, I am an old soldier
and I do not know the terms of love.
But when I first saw you, Donna Rosa,
...l felt like a fatigued wayfarer
that at the end of his life's path...
...beheld a tender... violet in the
sun-flooded field, Donna Rosa...
...a tender violet.
Was that smart?
I seem to start guessing. Can it be
that the tender violet is me?
You've found my secret out,
Donna Rosa.
Get lost with all your secrets.
- Naughty boy! - The fortress is about
to fall. Take heart, Colonel.
Donna Rosa, pray tell me, what can quench
the thirst of a fatigued wayfarer?
- A glass of whiskey.
- I'd love to.
Oh no, Donna Rosa, I don't mean
material pleasure.
Tell me, Donna Rosa, can a fatigued
wayfarer at the end of his life's path...
...press this very tender violet
to his long-suffering heart?
Donna Rosa!
But won't this fragrant violet
leave me for some one else,
...like my first poor flower did?
That was my little joke.
I am so mischievous!
- Old witch.
- Old dunce.
- Donna Rosa, forgive an old wayfarer
for the direct question. - Yes please.
Will you agree to become
the mistress of his heart?
Your proposal is so extraordinary.
I mean, no one has ever proposed
anything like that to me.
But you were married weren't you.
- Oh yes, I forgot!
- Don't torment me, my queen.
Just whisper in my ear if a ray
of hope shall shine for me.
Sorry to say, my poor wayfarer,
this ray will not shine.
What, you refuse my love?
I can't do otherwise.
My heart does not belong to me.
You know, I... I can't bear
to see you unhappy.
I offer you my sincere,
tender friendship.
- Mere friendship?
- Yes.
I'll be you little loving sister.
I've long dreamt of such
a sweet charming brother.
You have just signed my death warrant.
But I won't lose hope.
- Believe me, hope is a beautiful feeling.
- But love is still
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