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- What do you want?
- I've got to see the owner of the house.
Well-educated people never talk
to ladies with their hat on.
Oh, I am so upset.
Are you really so upset that you allow
yourself to remain seated while I am standing?
You have no respect for women, do you.
What a scoundrel!
I've got to see Mr. Cheshey
this minute.
- He is not here. - Really? And
the two girls that are in my care?
- There is only one girl...
- Oh really?
And so far I haven't entrusted you
with looking after me.
My lady, you are mistaken.
The servant saw that those two girls
entered this house. He did!
Then he didn't notice how they left.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
I saw it! I saw it myself!
- Where are they then?
- What if they are home already?
I'll leave now, madam, but if I don't
find them at home I'll be back.
Oh what shall I do with you!
Aren't you ashamed of frightening
a weak woman?
Oh what shall I do with you!
- Are you drunk?
- No.
- Yes, you are.
- I am not drunk.
- Yes, you are!
- I am not drunk.
You are drunk. Yes you are! Yes you...
Get out of here this moment!
What's the matter? Quiet.
Oh, Charley!
Charley! Charley!
Sir... Sir Francis Chesney!
Quiet. It's my father.
Pray, be nice to him.
Good God, kinship again.
Is he another of my relatives?
Idiot! You are from Brazil where in the
forests there are lots of wild monkeys.
Daddy, dear, you are just on time.
Let me introduce you.
Miss Anny. Miss Betty.
Daddy, let me introduce you
to our famous guest.
Donna Rosa D'Alvadores.
- Colonel Francis Cheshey.
- Pleased to meet you.
You know, I'm Charley's aunt, I am
from Brazil where in the forests
there are lots of wild monkeys.
Oh yes.
How are you, sir Francis?
Thank you, Donna Rosa, excellent.
- Is she really a millionaire?
- Daddy.
You know, Colonel, my nephew said
a lot of good things about you.
- Idiot. You've never seen me before!
- He wrote about you in every letter.
In other words he wrote a lot of good
things about you in every letter.
Funny, it's only today that I had
the honour of meeting Mr. Wakem.
But daddy, I've been telling Charley so much
about you, that he knows and loves you.
Ah, I'm so pleased, so pleased.
You've come to England only today and today
is the first time that you saw Mr. Charley!
Ah, what the hell.
Dinner is ready.
- Donna Rosa, let me offer you my arm.
- Thanks.
- Please.
- Thank you.
With pleasure, my Francis.
Francis? Did she say Francis?
Looks like it's working.
Auntie, let me treat you
to a small piece of roast beef.
Thank you, my friend, thank you.
Only the piece can be a bit bigger.
Give me more. I mean more garnish.
Oh, what a nice rose!
Please, take it as a present
from an enchanted admirer.
- Please.
- Thanks! You are so amiable, Francis.
Again. She fell in love
with me at first sight.
- Brasset!
- Give me everything.
See to it that there is
champagne for our guests.
- Has it disappeared?
- Yes, dear, the champagne.
Oh, what luck, you know I've brought
a couple of bottles with me.
Brasset, go find them in the hall.
Gentlemen, I...
Daddy, the respected
judge Krigs has arrived.
I am honoured, sir,
to see you honour in my house.
Well, I am not honoured to see
my honour in your house.
That's how you spend time
while I am away? ls it?
- But sir...
- Shut up!..
- Just a moment, we must explain everything
to you. - I'll hear no explanations.
Stop shouting! You tire me.
What?! What did you say?!
Arrogant bastard.
- Governess!
- What?!
- Sir, that is unacceptable.
- What?!
Do you think I'll be afraid
of your uniform?
There are ladies here.
And one of them is
a pretty important lady!
- Is that you?
- Exactly!
Old... old witch!
- What?
- Yes!
What? What did he say?
Did you here that?
- My Goodness! Did you here that?
Me an old witch! - Yes, yes!
I can't bear this.
Sir, take you words back this minute.
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