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How many of them?
- Two.
- Two girls.
- Two? Now everything is clear.
- What is clear?
Each of you will court a nice girl,
...and I'll get some nice old guy.
With all my respect, no.
Excuse me, Sir, the messenger
has brought a reply.
They'll be here any minute.
My dear, please, hand me my suitcase.
Quiet, only quiet.
Auntie, dear, the trouble is we
haven't told you everything as yet.
- The thing is we are in love.
- What? You too?
Do you understand? Yes.
And that is serious.
- Have you made your feelings
known already? - No.
You want me to do it for you?
- No, we'll do it ourselves.
- Yes. You see, Auntie...
...the trouble is that Annie and Betty's
guardian doesn't allow them to see us.
- But why? You are serious about your feelings,
aren't you? - That's exactly what...
...he is afraid of, because he doesn't want
to part with the money of his rich heiresses!
- What a monster.
- Yes. Auntie, talk to him.
- Help us, I entreat you, Auntie.
- Help us!
- What is this natural phenomenon called?
- Judge Krigs.
Judge?.. Where is my suitcase?
Thank you, dear.
What a heartless woman.
You don't know what
true love is, Aunt.
You can't be more mistaken.
You can't be.
Didn't my sadness strike you?
- No.
- Oh... Yes, of course.
Oh yes. Well, is this feeling
really so immense and deep?
Very deep.
Like an ocean!
I'll even give up drinking.
- Poor soul.
- I sympathize with you.
It is the tragedy of my life.
I've met the best human
being on earth.
The moment I wanted to tell him...
her about this...
Then suddenly!..
Sir, there are policemen in the hall.
They want to know if a man dressed
as a woman has come into our house.
What nonsense!
What are you talking about?
Get rid of them this minute!
- They won't leave, Sir.
- What do you mean they won't leave?
- The Constable wants to inspect
the house. - What the hell!
All right. Tell them to wait.
Brasset is always displeased
with something.
Auntie, you don't drink, do you.
Sir, there are two ladies.
I saw them into your room.
- Oh please, my boy.
- Yes, I am sorry.
How did this sir get in here?
Yes, that is curious.
Amazing! That's some Aunt!
- Oh!
- Quiet.
All right... Quiet.
Brasset! Fetch a razor, some soap...
...hot water. Quick.
- Yes, sir.
I warn you...
...l won't give up easily.
Not in the face!
Look out!
Stand back!
OK. Is everything quiet?
Constable, this way.
This way, please.
Jin, brandy, rum?
- I am at work, Sir.
- That means whiskey.
- We've got to discuss some
very important business. - Yes, Sir.
Follow me, quick!
Donna Rosa d'Alvadores.
Miss Annie, Miss Betty.
Let me give you these flowers.
You must be tired after the trip.
Crossing the ocean is no joke.
You've absolutely got to have a rest.
Brasset, you may go.
Yes, Sir.
What a nice day it is today!
- Oh, the weather today is really
exceptional. - Yes, absolutely.
I hope you've already got used
to our climate?
- To your climate?
- Yes.
I understand you'll be spending
the whole day with us, won't you?
Oh no, no, Auntie is very busy today.
Yeah. I've got to do
a lot of washing today.
Auntie... Antie meant that tonight...
...she was going to brainwash
her housekeeper.
You are so kind to Charley.
You'll be like a mother to him.
Where are you going?
Go to Auntie! To Auntie!
My Goodness, he looks so much
like my dead brother.
I love you and treasure you so much.
You would love and treasure me
even more, my baby,
...if you got to know me closer.
I swear I'll deserve your love.
Jacky... My God, I can't.
Donna Rosa... me too.
I'll take the liberty, Sir...
...his excellency Judge Krigs...
...inquires if his pupils are here.
- You must get rid of him!
- Of whom?
Of him. Of the Judge. Be quick!
I've got to run!.. Let go!
Betty, what are you doing?
Where are the lousy girls?
I'll show them!
What did you say?
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