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for some one else,
...like my first poor flower did?
That was my little joke.
I am so mischievous!
- Old witch.
- Old dunce.
- Donna Rosa, forgive an old wayfarer
for the direct question. - Yes please.
Will you agree to become
the mistress of his heart?
Your proposal is so extraordinary.
I mean, no one has ever proposed
anything like that to me.
But you were married weren't you.
- Oh yes, I forgot!
- Don't torment me, my queen.
Just whisper in my ear if a ray
of hope shall shine for me.
Sorry to say, my poor wayfarer,
this ray will not shine.
What, you refuse my love?
I can't do otherwise.
My heart does not belong to me.
You know, I... I can't bear
to see you unhappy.
I offer you my sincere,
tender friendship.
- Mere friendship?
- Yes.
I'll be you little loving sister.
I've long dreamt of such
a sweet charming brother.
You have just signed my death warrant.
But I won't lose hope.
- Believe me, hope is a beautiful feeling.
- But love is still more beautiful.
- Fatty.
- Oh stop it.
My heart is broken forever.
The old witch is in love
with this scoundrel Krigs.
No, no, no, I don't believe him.
It's not me he loves...
It's my millions.
How dared you torture
my farther like that?
Do you know who you are?
- Do you know who you are? - Please,
be polite. I can't stand harsh language.
I hope you heard how
your father called me?
I heard everything!
I heard everything!
- Tender fragrant violet...
- In the sun-flooded field.
Oh, I did like this love talk.
But why didn't you brute
refuse at once?!
You don't understand a thing.
I had to torture him a bit.
That's how decent women act.
My God!
I wish you knew what nasty
things he keeps telling me.
A decent woman wouldn't stand
that for five minutes.
Is he going to do the same?
The butler said he went
to his friend's.
It must be here. But
there is no one there.
Francis Chesney's house.
This name reminds me of that
far-away park and my first love.
When did it happen, aunt?
Oh, it was many years ago,
before I went to Brazil.
Once at the ball he almost
decided to propose to me.
But he got shy and fell silent.
And the next morning he was sent off
to some distant colony.
And we never once saw
each other again.
- What was his name?
- Francis Chesney.
Just think of it, some Chesney
lives in this house too.
Chesney? I am at your service, madam.
Really? This name...
Excuse me, but do you happen to know
a lieutenant Francis Chesney?
Some time ago I was
this lieutenant, madam.
Let me introduce myself. Colonel
Francis Chesney, at your service.
That's him. You don't recognize me?
But I hope you haven't forgotten the day
of your departure for South Africa?
Do you remember what happened
the previous evening?
- I was at the ball.
- And what were you saying there?
Yes, yes, yes... Yes, yes.
That's you. That's you.
What an unexpected meeting.
Very pleased, madam.
- Very please.
- Me too.
You know, madam, today my son -
I have a grown-up son -
...or more precisely, his friend is having
a big holiday on the occasion
of the arrival of his aunt.
His aunt? Has she arrived already?
- Yes, straight from Brazil.
- From Brazil? Funny.
- What's her name?
- Donna Rosa d'Alvadores.
- What's going on here?
- I don't understand.
Am I right to understand that
Donna Rosa is here already?
Yes, since early morning.
And you? Do you know this lady?
No, but I've heard a lot about her.
- Haven't I, Ella?
- Yes, but...
- Let me introduce to you Miss Ella
Delay, my pupil. - Very pleased.
As a matter of fact you haven't
changed a bit, miss...
Miss Thompson.
- But Aunt...
- Keep silent. Not a word more.
We are at your service, Colonel.
Real horse race. Steeplechase.
No one but your aunt...
In the whole world there is only one person
who can help us. That's Donna Rosa.
- Get out, you bloody pig.
- Get out, I tell you.
I won't. This Don Juan
had the arrogance to...
- What?
- What?
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