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it's so simple.
The mysterious veil over the future...
- It is...
- What is it?
- It is...
- It is?
- It is...
- It is?
- It is...
- It is?
- It is...
- It is?
- It is, Betty...
- It is?
A bird.
- Mommy, mommy!
- Mommy.
- Mommy!
- Mommy.
Mommy! mommy!
Jacky, sonny...
Oh, pardon, madam.
Son, congratulate me,
I've taken the decision.
I don't understand. Just say it.
As you please. To provide for you
and save the prestige of our family...
...l've decided to get married
to a rich woman. - Oh, congratulations.
I am glad you've found the friend of your
life, worthy of you and our ancestors.
Is she young and pretty?
She is no longer young
and not at all pretty.
But she is very very rich. And that is
the most important thing at the moment.
- You are right, dad. Who is this lady?
- You know her.
- That's curious. Me, dad? - You
pleaded with me to get married to her.
I am intrigued, dad. What is her name?
Donna Rosa d'Aladores.
- I say, Jacky...
- What?
His behavior is absolutely indecent.
Taking advantage of the fact that
he is a man... I mean a woman...
...he walks with my Annie in the most intimate
parts of the garden and tenderly embraces her.
Nonsense. I am in real trouble.
What? Is some one ill?
Yes, my poor dad.
What's wrong with him? Where is he?
- In his room.
- Oh.
- And what is he doing there?
- Drinking champagne to get brave.
A very queer illness, Jacky,
a very queer one.
- He decided to propose to her!
- To whom?
To whom? To this rascal your aunt!
Good gracious! What a plight.
It was all your idea!
- My?!
- Yours!
- It was you who confused me! You and
your nasty aunt! - Me?! You said me?!
- You totally confused me!
- And who shaved her?
- Who?
- Who shaved her?
- I'd rather have killed her!
- Yes, you'd better have killed her.
What is the matter?
What a brute!
Betty, you are heavy.
You are heavy, Betty. You are...
End of part one."HELLO, I AM YOUR AUNT!"
Oh, oh!
- You frightened me so! You...
- Quiet!
- You have no conscience, you brute, do you?
- I am so ashamed. I am bashful, you know.
Cut it out! You are supposed
to be helping us, and you are...
- Am I not helping you?
- What a strange way to help.
Instead of keeping the old folk
at bay you seduce the girls!
Prepare for the worst.
Oh, you frighten me,
I am a nervous woman!
- Listen.
- Yes?
- My dad is going to get married.
- Very well. To whom?
- To you, you scoundrel!
- That's too much.
Stop fooling around! He'll propose
to you and you'll refuse him flat.
- It's very simple.
- That's not easy.
- It's very simple!
- No, that's not easy.
- It's very simple!
- That's not easy!
I don't know the rules
of refusing ardent admirers!
Besides, widows are not
in the habit of refusing.
Oh, pardon me, pardon.
Jacky, son, leave us alone.
I am happy to see you, Donna Rosa.
Oh, you are such a sweet man.
That's quite something!
She is flirting with me, that's obvious.
I must begin a resolute assault.
But first the laws of tactics
require artillery preparation.
Donna Rosa!
Donna Rosa, I am an old soldier
and I do not know the terms of love.
But when I first saw you, Donna Rosa,
...l felt like a fatigued wayfarer
that at the end of his life's path...
...beheld a tender... violet in the
sun-flooded field, Donna Rosa...
...a tender violet.
Was that smart?
I seem to start guessing. Can it be
that the tender violet is me?
You've found my secret out,
Donna Rosa.
Get lost with all your secrets.
- Naughty boy! - The fortress is about
to fall. Take heart, Colonel.
Donna Rosa, pray tell me, what can quench
the thirst of a fatigued wayfarer?
- A glass of whiskey.
- I'd love to.
Oh no, Donna Rosa, I don't mean
material pleasure.
Tell me, Donna Rosa, can a fatigued
wayfarer at the end of his life's path...
...press this very tender violet
to his long-suffering heart?
Donna Rosa!
But won't this fragrant violet
leave me
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