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- Has it disappeared?
- Yes, dear, the champagne.
Oh, what luck, you know I've brought
a couple of bottles with me.
Brasset, go find them in the hall.
Gentlemen, I...
Daddy, the respected
judge Krigs has arrived.
I am honoured, sir,
to see you honour in my house.
Well, I am not honoured to see
my honour in your house.
That's how you spend time
while I am away? ls it?
- But sir...
- Shut up!..
- Just a moment, we must explain everything
to you. - I'll hear no explanations.
Stop shouting! You tire me.
What?! What did you say?!
Arrogant bastard.
- Governess!
- What?!
- Sir, that is unacceptable.
- What?!
Do you think I'll be afraid
of your uniform?
There are ladies here.
And one of them is
a pretty important lady!
- Is that you?
- Exactly!
Old... old witch!
- What?
- Yes!
What? What did he say?
Did you here that?
- My Goodness! Did you here that?
Me an old witch! - Yes, yes!
I can't bear this.
Sir, take you words back this minute.
No way. She lied to me!
She said they were not here.
But believe me, these girls
have come here with the only intention
of being introduced to the aunt.
What?! Don't make me laugh! What sort of an
aunt is she? Just look at her face. Auntie.
I am sure that you'll change you opinion when
you learn that the name of this lady is...
...Donna Rosa d'Alvadores.
I'm Charley's Aunt,
I am from Brazil...
...where in the forests
there are lots of wild monkeys.
The world-famous millionaire. It was
my childhood dream to get married to her.
What have I done?..
Thank you very much.
Madam, madam, I, I can't control
my ecstasy at seeing you.
How could I make such a mistake! How?
No, execute me. Execute.
I deserve to be executed!
Just execute me!
Make him beg for forgiveness and
allow him to stay for breakfast.
Madam, madam.
You words were a deadly insult to me,
but I like arrogant men.
If you succeed in begging me
to forgive you, I'll let you live.
Madam, I'll beg for forgiveness
till the end of my days.
- Madam!
- Get up.
Get up, I am not rancorous.
Moreover I allow you to stay
for breakfast with us.
You are an angel!
Having breakfast with you!
As a sign of reconciliation...
...l give you this flower.
Oh, Madam!
Donna Rosa, please.
Donna Rosa, please.
Thank you.
- What?
- Thank you.
- A rival?
- Quiet, quiet.
No, I'm not going to give in.
- Please, madam.
- You are so amiable.
- Please...
- What is it?
- Please.
- Oh please, madam.
Donna Rosa, please.
Please, Donna Rosa.
Thank you, gentlemen.
What is it? I smell my cigars.
- Don't you, Brasset?
- No, I don't.
- You may go.
- Yes, Sir.
Oh, Charley, is everything
all right? Is it?
Listen, get lost, quick.
But wait a moment, I have a date
with Miss Anny right here.
- Charley, you can't, that's not the right
time and place. - Yes, right here.
- What, again?
- No way. Get lost yourself.
- Mr. Chesney!
- Mr. Wakem!
Mr. Chesney!
Mr. Wakem!
Mr. Chesney!
Mr. Chesney!
Mr. Wakem.
Oh, Annie.
What an unexpected meeting.
Oh, you are not alone?
Yes, as you can see.
We are not alone?
Betty, every man in the course
of his life...
...has fatal moments when he pitilessly
severs all ties with his past...
...and at the same time with a trembling
hand he unveils the mysterious future.
Is it clear?
No, rather vague.
I am so glad to see you, Miss Annie.
I must have a very serious
talk with you.
What about? Probably some nonsense?
Yes... I mean, no. Well, I mean...
Please, speak quicker,
we don't have much time.
I hate unnecessary words too and so I'll
start from the most important thing.
You see, Miss Annie, every man
in the course of his life...
...has fatal moments when he pitilessly
severs all ties with his past...
...and at the same time with
a trembling hand he unveils...
...the mysterious future.
- Yes, of course.
- Explain, please.
- Explain what?
It's very vague.
But Betty,
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