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Завтра была война

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rotten point of view.
Quiet, comrades!
The case of the former principal
is being decided.
- The former principal?
- Yes.
Comrade Romakhin's been relieved
of the position of a principal.
Just a minute.
Why so categorical?
Nikolai Grigoryevich has not been
relieved, it's not decided yet.
- Let's abstain for the time being.
- For the time being.
Perhaps formally, I'm wrong,
but as an honest teacher...
Stop that laughter!
Perhaps I'm rushing the events,
but it's my sacred belief...
Where's Lyuberetskaya?
Say something!
I'm asking you: where's Lyuberetskaya?
In the morgue.
"Please don't blame anyone
for my death.
I'm doing it
consciously and voluntary.
Vika Lyuberetskaya."
What did she do to herself,
comrade investigator?
There were too many sleeping pills
in the house, and the girl was alone.
Did it hurt?
She just went to sleep,
and they found her too late.
Her aunt arrived that day,
saw the girl sleeping
and decided not to wake her up.
Decided not to wake her up.
Look, Iskra,
all those days you've been together.
Here I have your testimony.
Didn't you notice anything?
- What did I have to notice?
- Maybe somebody hurt her?
Maybe she complained, said
something? Try to remember.
She didn't say anything special.
She didn't complain about anyone,
she didn't blame anyone.
We know that.
I mean the hurt.
Those girls' things of yours.
You know what I mean?
There was nothing like that.
The day before we went to Sosnovka.
And the funeral...
When will be the funeral?
I'm closing that case
for lack of evidence.
A pure case of suicide
due to a nervous breakdown.
As for the funeral,
ask her relatives about it.
She got no relatives.
But her aunt did arrive.
- Greetings, Comrade Major!
- Greetings.
Let's go.
Sharpening knives, scissors,
mincing-machine blades!
- Who's the last one in the queue?
- Will they sell kerosene?
- Where're we going?
- Her aunt has arrived.
We have to ask her relatives
about the funeral.
Her aunt is in a hospital,
with a heart attack.
Girls, what do we do now?
Maybe we should go to the police?
I know what we shall do.
We must arrange a funeral for Vika.
Let's go.
You will go to the funeral, of course.
And it's right.
We should pay the last
honor to our friends.
But I absolutely forbid you...
to hold a funeral service.
Do you hear?
Absolutely not!
I don't quite understand what
a funeral service means in this case.
Vika died being a Komsomol member.
Why funeral service, then?
All right, Iskra.
We don't bury suicides
outside the cemetery,
as it had been in old times.
But we don't condone
the faint-hearted and weaklings.
So I'm asking you.
I'm asking you.
I'm insistently asking you.
No speeches
and the like.
Either you give me
your word now,
or tomorrow I'll lock you up
in this room
and won't let you go to the funeral.
Can you really do it, mom?
Because I care
about your future.
- My future?
- Yes.
Oh, mom!
You yourself taught me that the best
future is your clear conscience.
Conscience before the society!
And not before...
You're all
I've got left.
Only you.
I'm a bad mother.
But even bad mothers
want their children
to be happy.
Enough of that talk. Go to bed.
Tomorrow you'll have a hard day.
There'll be no classes today.
The juniors may go home.
The seniors...
The senior pupils will accompany
their comrade
on her lastjourney,
the 9 "B" student
Victoria Lyuberetskaya,
who has tragically died.
You will have to answer for that.
You will!
Boys and girls.
Look with wide-open eyes
and remember.
Not only a bullet kills.
A bad word,
a nasty act kills too.
and cowardice kill.
and red tape kill.
Remember it.
Remember it... all your life.
I'm going to read a letter to you,
Vika's last letter.
"Dear Iskra,
When you read this letter,
I'll feel no pain anymore.
No bitterness,
no shame.
Завтра была война Завтра была война

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