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Завтра была война

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of birthday?
I have checked Schefer's dossier.
He was born on September 2,
and they gathered you on the 19th.
Maybe in order to get you acquainted
with the drunken revelations
of the kulak poet?
The poem was recited...
by Vika Lyuberetskaya,
Valentina Andronovna.
Vika, yes.
Zinochka got it all wrong
in her information.
Kovalenko is a very
careless girl.
She talks too much.
Someone fell in love, someone
left home, someone came back.
Someone was reciting poems.
So it was Vika.
Vika's father
is a prominent designer,
the pride of our city.
And Vika is a serious girl.
But it doesn't give them the right.
Do you understand me?
Budyonny is our brother,
Behind us the people stand.
The order is to cheer up
And look just straight ahead!
With us is Voroshilov,
The first Red Commissar,
We'll be able to defend
Lead us, Budyonny, to a bravely fight!
We don't mind the thunder,
We don't mind the fire.
We're all courageous heroes,
And all our life is constant struggle!
We're Red cavalrymen,
And it's about us
That epics are being told
By the folk mass:
How on a rainy day,
How on a moonlit night,
Proudly and bravely
We go to a fight!
Good. We'll continue
tomorrow, after classes.
Everybody go home now.
Are you an idiot,
a gossiper or a traitor?
So you're a traitor, right?
What did you babble out to Valendra?
You damned Judas!
I told her...
She caught me before
the mirror in the toilet.
She began to scold me
for preening and flirting.
I'm not flirting, I don't
even know how to do it.
I began making excuses,
and she questioned me... the snake.
I didn't want to tell her anything,
but... I told everything.
But I didn't mean it, lskra.
All right.
Wipe your face, and let's go
to the Lyuberetskys.
You let her down, understand?
Tomorrow Valendra will call up
Vika and interrogate her.
She must be ready for that.
We've never been
at the Lyuberetskys'.
We haven't, now we will.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
You know the number
of their apartment?
We'll find it.
Let's ask the cavalryman.
Hello. Please, we're looking
for the Lyuberetskys' apartment?
It's there, on the right.
Third floor,
the last windows. Thanks.
We're Red cavalrymen...
At ease.
- Hello.
- Hello, girls.
- Interested in technology?
- Right.
Let's go, Zinaida.
Come on!
It's not serious.
A complicated life,
Isadora Duncan.
Nobody has banned Sergey Yesenin.
I think your teacher
knows it herself.
She just said it because she was
angry. You want me to talk to her?
Oh, no!
We're sorry, but we should
straighten our affairs ourselves.
We must develop our character.
I've wanted to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Come on, dad.
Is that a secret?
Then I'm sorry.
I've known your mother
for a long time.
We met at the City Committee
and had a good talk.
It turned out we had fought in
the same division in the Civil War.
She was an amazingly
brave lady.
Joan of Arc.
- A commissar.
- Yes, a commissar.
As for poetry and art,
actually l like the art
where preference is given to question
marks rather than exclamation marks.
The exclamation mark
is the index finger.
And the question mark is
drawing an answer out of your head.
Art should give food for thought.
No, art should give
food for emotions.
Zinaida is right, art should lead
to thought through emotions.
It should stir up a person, make him
feel pain for others' misfortunes.
Contentment with oneself
breeds apathy of the heart.
How did Blok say it?
Eternal battle,
of peace we only dream.
Do you understand?
And Mayakovsky?
Mayakovsky is and will remain
the best
and most talented poet
of our Soviet era.
Dad had met Mayakovsky.
Met him?!
Did you really?
All right, let's have tea.
Let's have some tea.
Yes, we argued with him.
We argued a lot.
And not only about poetry.
We were not satisfied
with absolute truths.
Завтра была война Завтра была война

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