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Завтра была война

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But you must learn to spare yourself,
so that you could last your lifetime.
You mean there'll be a lot of grief?
If you remain as you are now,
and I'm sure you will,
you'll have enough grief.
There're people
who feel misfortune
more fully than joy.
And you're one of them.
You must think of the future.
What will it be like, mom?
Have something to eat.
- Hello.
- Hello.
We'd like to see Nikolai Grigoryevich.
To wish him a happy holiday.
Well, come in, as long as you're here.
Oh, it's you.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
We came to congratulate you
on the great October holiday.
Thank you, guys.
Masha, prepare us some tea.
All right.
- Where shall we put it?
- Over there.
Did you go to the demonstration?
- Did you enjoy it?
- Yes, we did.
That's how it should be.
Everything's right.
- We sang songs.
- Songs?
- Yes.
- That's good.
Songs boost the morale.
Why didn't you go with us?
I don't feel well.
Did you call the doctor?
And why aren't you in bed?
You're not sick.
Why don't we have chorus
singing at school any more?
Why did you take your
accordion home?
have been expelled from the Part.
From my own part.
It's not true!
You've only been expelled by
the primary Part organization.
And don't let yourself go, please.
We're... Red cavalrymen,
And it's about us
That epics are being told
By the folk mass:
How on a rainy day,
How on a moonlit night,
Proudly and bravely,
We go to a fight.
Lead us, Budyonny, to a bravely fight!
We don't mind the thunder,
We don't mind the fire.
We're all courageous heroes,
And our life is constant struggle!
We are mortal. ln this world
none's ever.
Copper leaves are floating.
Let them fly.
Be you blessed, you beautiful
That has come to blossom and to die.
Leonid Sergeyevich Lyuberetsky
is back home.
No! No! No!
Bastards! Bastards!
Guys, we must be
true to ourselves.
True, you understand?!
- Let's go to him!
- Let's go. Let's all go.
We're Vika's friends.
We've come to tell you.
We were together
to the last minute.
We... went to Sosnovka together.
We'd better leave.
We're disturbing him.
Leonid Sergeyevich.
lt's all wrong.
No. Why?
What a hard year it's been!
And you know why?
Because 1940 is a leap year!
the next year
will surely be a happy year.
You will see.
The huge country is rising,
Is rising for the deathly battle
Against the dark fascist force,
Against their cursed hordes.
Let our noble wrath
Seethe like a rolling wave!
The national war is going on,
The sacred war.
We'll resist the oppressors
Of all the rightful goals,
The rapists and the bandits,
The torturers of people!
Let our noble wrath
Seethe like a rolling wave!
The national war is going on,
The sacred war...
9 "B" class.
Hero of the Soviet Union,
fighter pilot
Georgy Landys,
Zhora Landys.
He collected stamps.
Artom Schefer.
When the wire got broken, he blew
himself up together with a bridge.
He got a wide grave,
our Artyom.
Pavel Ostapchuk.
Pashka the joker,
our school's actor.
A professional intelligence man.
When the fascists executed prisoners,
he shot the hangmen
and died himself.
Iskra Polyakova.
A Komsomol leader,
an ataman girl.
Our dear "spark"!
She was my liaison
in the underground.
The Gestapo men hanged her
together with her mother.
And they were hanging
next to each other,
Iskra Polyakova
and comrade Polyakova.
And the underground was carrying on,
beating the bastards!
Avenging Iskra,
her mother, and all the guys.
With merciless vengeance.
Screenplay by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
School Principal
Iskra's Mother
Natalya NEGODA
Завтра была война Завтра была война

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