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We'll be fine.
- Mama, this is Natella.
- Nice to meet you.
Sonya, sit with us.
We are celebrating.
Military Publishers have commissioned
me a story of the battle of Stalingrad.
Congratulations... Why didn't
you cut some cheese?
Can you believe it? Markelov
wants Vilen to hack for him.
The son of a bitch turned down
Vilen's best story
and dare ask him to sweat for him.
- D'you think I should say yes?
Sure. You'll get some money.
Don't do it! I'll share
my guerilla stuff with you.
The Crimean underground alone
weighs at least 5 volumes.
Sonya, I'm a long-time
secret admirer of yours. I can say it now.
I'll buy me a Japanese receiver
when I get my money.
Listen, Japan's premier leaving our
country is giving an interview.
He answers questions
and says you have fine children.
Q: What has impressed you most
in the Soviet Union?
We have factories,
nuclear plants...
A: Whatever you do with your hands
is no good.
But your kids are good.
- Is it a joke?
- Here's to the kids.
To the kids, Vilen.
No. Let's drink to the women.
The terrific, beautiful women.
Men drink standing.
Mama, it's for you.
Mum, a phone call for you.
It's me. Tomorrow at 3.
15:00 at your military theater.
I mean the Soviet Army theater.
Why would the army want
a theater? It's beyond me.
Do you get me? Repeat it.
The Soviet Army theater, 3 PM.
I'll be there.
Parents are meeting their children
who were at a summer camp.
Sorry, I've got to work
I got scared. I thought
you had left for good.
How could I go
without seeing you?
It's hard to get a taxi here,
so I stopped this one.
I'm chilled to the bone.
Take me home please.
Do you think I'm a cab?
Okay, get in the body.
- What's that? - Felt boots.
- Felt boots?
- Yes. They give warmth in winter.
- Oh, felt boots.
- And this is a fur coat.
- It's a sheepskin. It's warm.
Right. Here we are.
- It's all soaked. Take it off.
- Yes.
- The dress is soaked too. Off with it.
- Right... Turn away.
Turn away.
Horror! I can't. Give me a hand.
Thank you.
Now turn away.
Oh Lord, I'm so happy.
God, what was it?
Here we are.
No. I don't want to leave you.
Where are you going now?
Yaroslav highway, 62d km.
What am I doing?
I'm going to regret it.
Is there a room to rent, a hotel,
a motel? We'll think up something. Go.
Here's a motel for you.
- Serge, let's talk.
- Cousin, ain't ya? - Yeah.
- You are feverish.
- I got chilled.
- Hi. Your woman's ailing.
- Ailing?
- Ailing means sick.
- Move toward the stove.
Yes, she's sick.
Where's the drugstore?
What fucking drugstore?
We get bread once a week.
- My! She's wet through.
- She needs some aspirin.
- She needs some moonshine.
- What's moonshine?
It's like aspirin, only a lot better.
Come over here and lie down.
And we're gonna get your
- Do you really have no moonshine
in Latvia? - In Latvia, we don't.
This ointment was given to me
by a very old woman, Liza.
She made it. It's good for cold.
You grease me and I'll turn
into a witch. Just you wait.
And you'll fly away from me
on a broomstick.
It's moonshine. Vic says
it's for internal use.
Good. Let me taste it.
No. I tasted it.
I need you alive.
Turn round.
I'm going to treat you.
You're my doctor.
You are feverish.
It must be influenza.
lndeed. Or Spanish flu.
That's what my granny would say.
I'm going to teach you Russian.
And I'll teach you French.
- Doc, do you know what's
the best medicine? - I know.
I've got to call my family.
I bet they are worried stiff.
- Yes. I'll do it. - I'll give you lra.
She's my best friend.
Tell her I'm not mad at her.Tell her
to call my husband and spin some yarn.
Spin? Spinner... spinning.
Honey, you don't understand.
But he'll surely send me spinning.
Great people, Sonya!
Did you call her?
Yes. She's very nice, your lra.
She said she'd do this for you.
Honey, they're super!
I think you drank too much.
I drank
Зависть богов Зависть богов

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