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Wait a minute. Why do you
speak Russian so well?
My mother was Russian.
- And your father? - He was French.
- He fought in the Resistance.
- I'm going to resist you too.
Tell me more about your mother.
Mum died when I was a little boy.
I was raised by my Russian grandmother.
You look like her.
Really? I look like your grandmother?
- I didn't mean that.
- Enough, enough, Andryusha.
Enough, please. It can never be.
- I'm going to tell my husband.
- Why?
I don't know. I guess it's silly.
But I can't help it.
I'll tell him everything.
I will... Anyway, you're leaving next week.
Please, Andryusha,
don't spoil my life.
- It's time. - Two minutes to go.
Get started for God's sake.
I'll get you part three.
Steady. Ready.
30 seconds to go.
Features... Okay.
- Ready, Tanya?
- Yes, I'm ready.
No picture on monitor 5.
Attention! Here we go.
Give us the banner.
Cut the cackle!
- Good evening.
- Good evening, comrades.
A decree of the CPSU Central
Committee, the USSR Council of Ministers
and the Central TU Committee
on enhancing socialist labor discipline.
TASS? This is Anikanova.
We have a problem with part 3.
Oh, it's okay.
Tanya, get Sonya. The text is
running out.
...shirking work or reporting late...
getting drunk...
...hopping from one enterprise
to another without any reason.
Hop it. I'm coming.
It's okay. Page three now.
...Loafers, shirkers
and job jumpers...
Tell him to read
by the syllables.
-... Call to book...
- Good boy.
who poorly organize work
and do not improve working
and living conditions...
For it is in the work collective
that workers in socialist society.
can mold and temper
their personality.
Fourth. It is inadmissible
to distract white and blue
collar workers from work
in their working time
for holding all kinds of meetings,
rallies and seminars,
for amateur art activities
and tourist trips.
Fifth. As a moral incentive
for people working honestly...
Hi, Sonya dear.
You look great. Slimming?
- This blouse suits you.
- You sucking up to me?
I am really sorry. You know
how stupid I am.
Mama, you are not stupid.
Shut up.
I am stupid.
But she came to me.
- She wondered if there's electric light
at our dacha. - So you enlightened her.
We were talking about seedlings.
But you know your mum.
- She probed me for your personal life.
Did you tell her about yours? - Yes, I did.
Please, I promise. I'll never say
a word about you, never ever.
You're forgiven, but I'll never
confide in you anymore.
- Okay. Now tell me about you two.
- You are really nuts.
Sonya, I think your Dad knows.
But not from me. I never said a word.
Your mother didn't let you down.
But I could see she's not herself.
She takes valerian
in the morning,
validol at noon and bromide in the
evening. So I knew something was wrong.
Sonya, I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to say it.
I made her.
Say something.
Dad, you never entered my room
without knocking,
even when I was a little girl.
Why are you now trying
to force it?
Don't you think
it's my business?
Not exactly. As for your room,
your son and our grandson
now occupies it. It's his final year
at school. Exams, hard work...
- And what are you doing?
- Poor boy!
He won't be admitted to college.
He'll get into the army, to Afghanistan.
Stop harping on Afghanistan. He'll
just do some fighting like all normal boys.
Look, you've already split me
with my husband and sent my son to war.
Let me say again:
this is my business.
Then get a divorce...
I hope he'll move to the USSR
for permanent residence.
And tell him it's pretty cold
here in winter;
and we eat fish only on Thusdays.
Does he speak Russian?
He does, he does.
I'll teach him nonstandard words
by way of cultural exchange.
Let's make a deal:
we don't discuss this topic.
Mama, it's time we talked
about our noble origin.
Yes, you Buturlins are noblemen. And
we, plebeians, have marred your breed.
Bye, Gavryushka.
Зависть богов Зависть богов

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