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And what's that?
- I'd say it's a brothel.
- Oh, we were just playing the fool.
If it wasn't for this glass
I'd have made a scene.
Did I say something wrong?
You're really something else, Bernard.
You want to wash your hands?
Go ahead.
Sofia Vladimirovna!
- Here you are. Let's organize tea.
- Yes, sure.
- They'll soon be leaving.
I'm afraid the pie won't bake well.
- Serge, where's our interpreter?
- In the john I guess.
It's good they mounted a new lav pan.
Or they'd give us a bad name
in Europe. What's-his-name?
- Gerard Philipp.
- Yeah. Wearing women's pants.
I'd like...
No, I want... Can l...
Nice meeting you.
We're going to see the Tomb
of the Unknown Soldier.
Leaving already? I've made a pie.
Why don't you take it for breakfast?
They serve God knows what
in hotels.
Where's the interpreter?
Sonya, why didn't you go
with them?
- I'm really pooped out. But I'll give
you a hand. - No, no. Don't bother.
Maybe they'll give Serge
an apartment.
After all, he's a famous writer.
Foreigners come to see him.
He can't live with his in laws
all his life.
That guide. He has fine eyes.
Very, very blue. Have you noticed?
Hi, Sonya. This ivory from ltaly
is specially for you.
Hello, Bulat Shalvovich.
- Hey, Gera.
- Hi, Sonya.
Meet Vadim, a commentator
with the foreign section.
- Where are you going?
- To that big briefing.
Not to worry. Last week was OK.
- Are you sure?
- Don't worry.
Andre asked me to give it
to you.
- Andre? I don't know the man
of this name. - Cut it out.
He'll meet you at 2 PM tomorrow
on Dzerzhinsky square.
I don't know what you are
talking about. - Yes, you do.
The Voice of America reports
heavy fighting in Afghanistan
and losses in Soviet manpower.
What's going on, Sonya?
You don't speak to me.
Is it because I went to a brothel
with Bernard in Paris?
I went there, yes, but I never
touched anyone.
You know I'm fastidious.
I am an author and I was there
with an instructive purpose.
If I need to describe
the human bottom
I'll know all about it.
Look, your idol Akhmatova sat
for Modigliani in the nude.
Wednesday. Dzerzhinsky sq. 2 PM.
So much for the Monday night of
the 21 st. "The city skyline at night."
When do you go to your coach?
At four. Why? Are you leaving?
Me? No. I am not leaving.
I'll see you off and take up the laundry.
None of your sandwiches!
Borsch'll soon be ready.
- What now?
- You salted it, Mum.
Okay, pour it yourself.
- What time is it?
- 1:30. I'll make it.
That cuckoo's gone mad.
When do you go to your coach?
You asked me that one.
Four o'clock.
- I did? I forgot.
- Are you leaving?
- Me? No.
- Why change then?
I changed... because I soaked
my blouse.
Sasha, will you turn it off
in five minutes?
I just checked about a tail.
A tail? Oh yes, I had a tail,
fluffy and beautiful. But I cut it off.
No room for it in the car.
It's okay. I can grow a new one.
A tail means a spy,
a man following you.
I see. You must be good at covering
up your tracks. - Which you are not.
Do you always date girls
at the Dzerzhinsky monument?
- It's very beautiful.
- It's the Cheka.
Sonya, please, we can go
to a restaurant, cafe or bistro.
Oh yeah? No, we can't.
Now I know. You want
to recruit me
because my father worked
in the defense industry.
Did that guy come with you?
He's our agent. He stole
secret papers for me.
Very funny.
The agent can wait. Let's go
to the restaurant.
No. I'm here to tell you:
Stop chasing me and sending
queer birds.
The queer bird is Vadim.
He is a nice guy.
A Russian journalist & a friend
of mine. I can't see you. - No, you can't.
- I can't come to the TV studio. - No.
- So I asked Vadim.
He can be trusted.
- Can you be trusted?
Why should I believe you?
What do you want?
I've taken a fancy for you.
Very much so.
You walked in and I thought:
I know your face. I've known it for years.
I want to see you.
I want to talk to you, to
Зависть богов Зависть богов

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