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can't bring myself to do it.
Give it a try.
He'll be happy you're out of this...
Your kids will grow in a free country.
I've got one son. He's 16.
OK, you'll save him
from Afghanistan.
I wasn't planning to go.
An intelligent person can't help
feeling disgust here.
I didn't notice disgust
in your stories
about the advantages
of the socialist lifestyle.
Because you can't read
between the lines.
How come you are not
on the Champs d'Elysee?
They've been plowed already.
I'm late. I'll turn 46 in Nov.
You can work the Champs d'Elysee
when you are not older than 20.
- Right. They don't pay
for "between the lines". - Very witty.
See that you're not late
for your reportage.
Foreign listeners are dying
to hear your candid words.
Cheers! The master's back.
The master. - How beautiful!
- The master and breadwinner.
lndeed. Where did you get it?
Did you go to Paris?
I bought it here, in a supermarket.
- No! - For dollars of course.
You can't get it for rubles.
I'm an asshole.
I showed you that you are poor
and can't afford it.
- It's okay. You are so kind.
That's really nothing.
Just nice wrapping, that's all.
You can't afford to buy it -
but you feel happy. - Not really.
You don't get it.
You are... You are not slaves.
Not the slaves of money.
You don't think about it,
but about important things.
Love, spirituality, God, the Universe...
All we talk about is money.
Ours is a consumer society.
Buy, buy...
And here it's get, get.
It's not important
if you have it.
And if you don't have it,
you think it's most important.
I love you.
- Thus dinosaurs died out.
- You will not die out.
- You are strong. - Oh, yes.
- Braggart!
- How about... er...?
- Sleep, sleep!
September 2, 1983.
Reporting violation
of the Soviet airspace.
- Destroy the target.
- Right.
- Why you refuse to talk to me?
- l? When was it?
I called at 8 AM.
lra said you were asleep.
I said to wake you up. She did but you
refused to talk to anyone, she said.
That's right. I had a headache and
was in no mood for talking to people.
- These things happen.
- Good pancakes. How do you make
them? - I add veg marrows.
- And grate them.
- Come to think of it.
I've been unfaithful to you.
I've been unfaithful to you.
The first time in my life.
There's always a first time.
I don't want to cheat on you.
I can't. I respect you too much.
But I also respect myself.
I can't sleep with you anymore.
Sure, you can't, since you were with
the other guy. How very noble of you.
I've fallen in love, Serge.
Am I expected to be moved to tears?
My pancakes! What are you doing?
- Scalded yourself, you bitch?
Come on, tell me.
- Everybody's hitting me today.
- Hitting you? Does he work with you?
Stop it. Sasha's here.
What's with you? Oh, pancakes!
Why aren't you at school?
The chemistry teacher got sick.
Why this water?
I dropped the kettle.
- Go. You'll be late for classes.
- Why are you sending me away?
You heard about the TASS
An UFO's been shot down.
At Vladivostok I guess.
Great. Maybe it's
a flying soccer.
- Go to school now.
- What's with you?
He mustn't know. At least not
this year. I've figured it out.
We'll tell him I'll stay with lra awhile.
lra has problems and I've got to help her.
You don't worry. I'll be coming often
to do the cooking and laundry.
- Check his homework.
- I'll kill you or else strangle.
- Bitch.
- I've thought of that too.
I'm going to see mum and arrange
for Sasha to stay with her to stay with her.
while you'll be killing me.
You'll get used to it.
We have no right to ignore
the lessons of history.
Our task is to teach people
to tell good from bad. We mustn't let
such things happen again.
The Soviet Union is an empire of evil.
We're listening in to Reagan
on Eurovision.
The whole world's agog, only we,
like, live on another planet.
Call TASS again. Ask them if there'll
be any comment or not.
lgor Nikolayevich, I'
Зависть богов Зависть богов

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