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Зависть богов

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aren't doing bad either.
It's all the guerilla money.
I've got to keep you, dammit.
So you slept at lra's
last night?
That's right.
Deeds, not high-flown words.
That's what we need today
to make our great and mighty
country even stronger.
I'm confident that those present
here share my view.
4 PM at Mayakovskaya metro
Why didn't he call?
I gave him my office number...
- How fearless we are!
Your phones are bugged. - They are?
- Didn't you know?
What do I tell him?
- Tell him I'll be there.
- Yes, sir.
Could I borrow 50 rubles from you?
I spent my last penny. Courier expense,
you see. And the gas is costly.
- Are you blackmailing me?
- God forbid. I'll pay it back.
Here's 50 rubles minus one ruble.
That's all I have. Thank you. Thanks a lot.
So, when's your flight?
- Is that what they taught you in the
Sorbonne? - Dance! - Why should l?
It's a Russian custom.
You dance if the liming is good.
We whitewash the ceiling
if the lime's good.
- It's tidings, news.
Right. Go on dance. - I have. So?
I'm staying for another
six months.
Don't you want it?
Aren't you glad?
I'm not glad.
I'm happy.
You said your cousin
wishes to lease her apartment.
Excuse me, I'll call again.
Mama! What's up?
Nothing. I won't come in.
There's a cab waiting.
- I paid both ways.
Why did you come?
To see you're safe and sound.
Sonya, are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay. Let the cab go.
No. I've seen you.
You look great.
Mama, do come over.
Hold on, Natasha.
I'll just say goodbye to Mama!
- Watch out, Sonya!
- Mama, why are you going?
Sorry, Natasha. You haven't
leased it yet?
Good. I'm taking it.
For myself.
Take the keys? Yes, I can.
I'm on the way.
I'll explain it when I see you.
And see "The Last Tango".
- Cut it off and that's it.
- But there won't be light.
He'll come out right away.
Hey, what's going on here?
What's up?
The cassette'll get stuck
and we'll catch them red-handed.
- Whom?
Well, there are... What's
with the light? Hey, Sonya.
Witnesses, follow me.
So it's your doing?
Gavryukov, turn it on.
- Who's the owner? - I am.
- Your passport, please.
- Your warrant, please.
- We have it. - I want to see it.
There is no warrant.
It's lawlessness.
Comrades witnesses, come over here.
We're confiscating a porno cassette.
- You?
- Yes.
"The Last Tango in Paris"
is banned in this country.
- I'm Larisa, Natasha's cousin.
- You want an apartment? - Yes.
- Dry bread, pack a parcel,
you're going to jail. - Shut up, you idiot.
This looks like a kitchen.
Let's open the window... Well?
This is the best apartment
in my life.
God, how I missed you!
They took the cassette away.
I'm sure they'll play it till it's worn out.
Ah the apartment!
It's just lovely.
They've released lgor.
Poor guy. But serves him right.
How could he enjoy a bad movie?
Don't you like "The Last Tango
in Paris"?
I don't. They think that love
means killing.
Love is death. I think love is life.
It's a truism but that's what I think.
I'm going to talk to my husband
I mailed a letter to my wife
This is the Voice of America.
Soviet officers have been shot
down for contraband goods
trafficking from Afghanistan.
- Serge, we need to talk.
- Talk.
- My, Sonya's back!
Just in time for supper. The kettle's boiled.
Poor dear, you work all the time,
never giving yourself a break.
Sasha brought in a girl. They've been
sitting there, talking and listening to music.
- You may be a granny soon.
- Stop crowing. He's not old enough...
- What was it you wanted to say?
- You see...
- Hi. - Hi.
- Bye. - Bye.
- I'll walk Natella home. - Don't be late.
- I'm not a little boy.
It's about Sasha's coach.
But it can wait.
The rent from Andre.
For six months.
- Do I owe you anything?
Here's your money. "Take it with my
picture". I was really on the rocks.
Pity. I hoped you'd be blackmailing me
and tell my husband.
Зависть богов Зависть богов

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