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have nowhere to go.
You don't believe me? When elder heard about you
not letting Momus in he dismissed you from school caretaker post.
That is how - dismissed?
Just so. I heard it myself.
Mister land surveyor...
Well? Is mom at home?
Mister land surveyor, you can't go there!
Madam Brunsvick...
Milena...I love you. I love you from the first moment I saw you,
I was spellbound by your unusual beauty,
???? as if from the castle. I guessed at once that
you came from there. I paint, I even dreamed about becoming a painter my whole life...
For the sake of you, I left duties of land surveyor and
took school caretaker's post.
Don't reject me. I will leave everything behind,
I will have my own way...
We will live in the castle, here's is Klamm's writing...
It's not for you to live here, among...
Well? Let's get started?
So, are you ready to answer couple simple questions?
Then question numer one.
How do you think: what is this?
A hare?
But this?
A whistle.
Well, well...
And this?
A [little] ring.
We can finish on this.
Perhaps, you will ask more questions?
It wasn't a little ring?
Oh, land surveyor...
It's good that I have found you.
I'm pleased.
But we have already met.
Let's go out of here.
Let's be frank. I know why are you here.
You came to see my wife.
You love her.
I do.
As a man, I understand you.
I'm offering you an honest deal.
You will become Brunsvick,
I - land surveyor.
You will become Brunsvick,
husband of Milena Brunsvick, father of Hans, one of richest people on the village,
but I - poor, lonely land surveyor.
How is this?
Very simple. We just need to get permission from mister Vallabne.
Sure. Let's go?
Where to?
To Vallabne.
To the castle?
Yes. So, you agree?
I do.
That is not the castle.
How? That is a real castle.
Mister Vallabne built it especially for hunting.
Who are you?
Mister Vallabne, I am Amalia, the same girl with ruby bead you fell in love with three years ago
when you saw me through carriage window.
All these years I was looking forward to see you
to tell you that I agree to all the things you asked for in that letter.
You have mixed up something, but you will be present at dinner.
And who are you?
Me? I am Brunsvick.
He doesn't know you.
He doesn't know me yet he knows my wife, Milena Brunsvick.
It's possible, but he doesn't remember.
What do you want?
I'd like to become land surveyor.
But land surveyor? Does he agree?
Sure! We have talked everything over.
Mister Vallabne congratulates you.
Thank you.
Hey! Let me in!
Let me in!
Who is there?
That's Brunsvick.
Let me in!
What does he want?
I don't know.
Let me in!
Let him in. Miser Vallabne wants to look at him through the little window.
Where is he? Where is he!
Mister Vallabne, you're being deceived.
Mister Klamm, he's my superior, here's...
He is deceived.
There is not land surveying works going on.
I'm not even hired as land surveyor.
And village elder is plotting...he [Klamm] is deceived
and you, too, are being deceived.
This girl, who was here, told she was Amalia. She is not Amalia,
she is Olga. I know her.
She's just taken other woman's beads.
And Brunsvick is lying. He told I agreed to be Brunsvick,
but I didn't agree. I am land surveyor.
I was summoned to the castle to be land surveyor and I demand,
do you hear, I deamnd...
I want to have what's rightfully mine! I don't accept...
Mister Brunsvick!
I am Brunsvick?
Let it be. He's long gone.
Who's gone? Vallabne has gone?
Where has he gone?
How come?
Just so.
Mister Brunsvick.
What brunsvick am I? I am land surveyor!
It's all over. Now I am land surveyor.
Arthur, you? Tell him I am land surveyor.
You were my assistant.
Those were great days when I served as land surveyor's assistant.
I am land surveyor.
I am land surveyor.
Barnabas, where are you going?
I have a letter for mister

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