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So that...so that it is anything but clear here.
Except me being simply thrown out!
You don't say so! Your case is too complicated,
you are just promised hopsitable welcome.
Nobody is throwing you out,
but, at the same time, nobody is holding you [here].
Mitze! That's wrong! F sharp!
That's enough!
I will tell you what's holding me.
That's the sacrifice I made leaving home,
hopes I had regarding this place,
finally it's the bride before whom I have responsibility!
Why are you so upset? I will infrom the castle about everything,
and perhaps we will think of something for you.
I will not accept alms from the castle.
I want to receive what's rightfully mine.
Allow me to leave on this note!
I have important meeting.
I need to put on my best robes.
Have it cleaned well.
I have come to you with an errand.
Oh, mister schoolmaster. You are still here?
I'm very sorry, I have important meeting tonight.
That's nothing.
It's just that mister elder has very warm soul and he is worried
that you while waiting for the answer wouldn't do rash things
due to your anxiety and he offers you to take place as school caretaker.
So, he's asks a favour from me?
No, on the contrary, he's doing favour to you because
we need school caretaker as much as we need land surveyor.
Tell mister elder
that I am not accepting this post.
So you're rejecting it without any discussions?
Where's my shirt!
Darling, listen to me. What does it take from you to
accept such nice proposition?
That's nothing terrible and we will have abode and work.
I am land surveyor not school caretaker.
And I don't want to grovel before some schoolman
who only dreams about becoming my master.
Things are not being made to last, master.
Mrs. Brunsvick?
I wanted to tell you
I am willing to accept this...post.
Do you know where I'm going?
I will be waiting for you at school.
Just promise me you won't be going to these wantons.
To whom?
To those dirty barnabas's wenches.
Hold up the assistants.
Who are you?
That's just land surveyor.
I am Pepi.
You have a bath-house in here?
We do.
Low rank clerks love to steam bath with chambermaids,
and Frieda did so when she was a chambermaid.
What did you imagine? That she's not like the rest?
Earlier there was a spyhole.
It got closed after Frieda left. What do you need it for?
Frieda forgot one thing there, I'd like to see if it's in there.
What thing?
Klamm's present.
If to know for sure that there's nobody there
you could go in
and have a look, but it's impossible to know for sure.
Klamm is sitting there often.
He's not there.
Is that for sure?
He's right about to leave, sleigh is in the yard.
That will be long.
What will be long?
Until you will leave.
Do you want brandy?
I do.
Open the door, there's couple of bottles there.
Mister land surveyor!
Let's go with me.
I am waiting for someone here.
Let's go.
I can miss him out that way.
Here or there, you will miss him out in any case.
I'll better wait for him here.
Unharness it!
Mister land surveyor! Finally.
So, Klamm has left?
Sure, you stopped watching him and he left.
Well then...let's get started.
I am Momus, Klamm's village secretary. I'd like to
hear answers to certain questions of interest to us.
Is village secretary high post?
Mister Momus is representative is mister Klamm in the village.
He receives ??? from the village meant for mister Klamm.
Mister Momus holds very important post.
Nice. I congratulate you. But now it's time for me to go home.
Sure, duty of school caretaker is calling you,
but will have to sit here a minute, just two or three questions.
I'm in no mood [for this].
In the name of Klamm I demand!
If I answer your questions, will I be able to see Klamm?
No, there's no connection here.
He's leaving!
We will not dare to leave!
Schwarzer, I know you are not castellan's son.
You won't be interrogated now?
No. I refused.

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