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and, as you are my old assistants,
you are strangers here.
But strangers must hold together.
Let's shake hands?
Put away your paws!
This working day is wasted,
so tomorrow we're start early.
Get the leigh, we'll go to the castle.
That's impossible.
It's not allowed to go to castle without special call.
Then make a phone call!
Can the land surveyor and two his assistants
go to castle tomorrow morning?
Not tomorrow or any other day.
There's a messenger to see you.
Get out!
Registry is listening.
Who's speaking?
Assistant of land surveyor is speaking.
What assistant?
Assistants are named Arthur and Jeremiah.
Those are new assistants but I'm the old one.
I came right after mister land surveyor.
What do you want, Joseph?
When can my master go to the castle?
Who are you?
Barnabas, the messenger.
Honourable mister land surveyor,
as you know, you have been accepted in castle's service
Your direct chief is village's elder who will explain to you
all the details about your duty.
Provider of this letter, Barnabas...
will be taking care of your needs
and inform me...
...readiness from my side to meet you...
Head of count's registry...
Whose signature is this?
Beer for the messenger!
Deliver to mister Klamm my gratitude about his
exceptional kindness.
Tell him that I'm ready to unresevedly obey
any order of his
and I have no special needs.
Allow me to repeat.
So, deliver to mister Klamm gratitude about
his exceptional kindness, I'm ready to obey unreservedly any order of his,
I have no special needs.
What was that?
What was that!
Old local custom, mister land surveyor.
Your room is already done.
My room?
Prepare paper and quill,
we'll discuss working plans now.
Mister land surveyor!
And these are my sisters.
And this is mister land surveyor.
Land surveyor!
You wanted to go to the castle right from the inn.
No, I was to go home right away.
I go to castle only in mornings.
Take a seat by the table, everything will be ready in a moment.
Meanwhile I'll go for beer.
Well, then you'll escort me. I have important work left there.
No, I'm going to the Gentlemen's Inn, that's nearby.
Nice, I'll escort you.
Well, if gentlement wants it...but you won't be admitted there.
That's nothing, I'll wait by the door.
Land surveyor is alloved only in the canteen.
Yes, yes, we know. Let's go.
You, as I gather, are owner of this inn?
You gather correctly.
I'd like to stay here for a night.
Unfortunately, that's impossible. Inn is only for gentlemen from the castle.
I'd like to draw your attention to [the fact] that I have
notable connections in the castle
and they will become more notable soon, so that...
I'd be glad to come forward to you but gentlemen from the castle
are very finicky and incidental encounter with an unfamiliar man
can turn out to be very unbearable to them.
Are there many gentlemen tonight?
From this point it's a fortunate night -
there's just one Klamm.
Frieda! Fill the beer for us!
Let's go!
Do you know Klamm?
Do you want to see mister Klamm?
There's a spyhole, you can have a look.
Frieda, do you know Klamm well?
Yes, very well.
I am mister Klamm's mistress.
Then you are important person for me.
Not just for you.
Before this I was a cattle-tender.
With such delicate hands?
Then nobody paid attention to them.
you amaze me, and what willpower must one have
to become barmaid from simple cattle-tender.
Of course, you won't be openhearted to a man whom you don't know at all,
who doesn't even have an opportunity to tell about himself...
I know everything about you, you're land surveyor.
Dirty swines!
Klamm's henchmen. I've told him many times
to leave them at the castle.
Doesn't he hear?
He's sleeping.
But when I looked...
He was already sleeping.
Misters overall sleep much.

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