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her of your affections!
You need to rush to her side
and hold her in your arms
and then pour your heart out
in a beautiful ballad.
And then she'll know for sure.
- Why are you staring at me?
- I don't know.
It's like you escaped from
a Hallmark card or something.
Is that a bad thing?
School! We're late!
We've got to run!
Oh, wouldn't she just love to come
crawling back here and steal my crown!
Cast me aside like
so much royal rubbish! What?
Perhaps Prince Edward won't find her.
- Perhaps he will!
- Oh! Oh, dear.
Oh! I do wish there was someone
who cared enough for me
to go after him.
Oh, a man like that,
strong and brave,
I'd do anything for him.
Never fear, my queen.
I will stop him!
- What now?
- Another one?
Whoa! Get him out of there.
Let's go. Get in there.
Where are these people coming from?
- Come on!
- Upsy-daisy.
Get him up.
- Hey, pal.
- Yow!
Let me guess. You're, uh,
looking for a beautiful girl too.
I'm looking for a prince, actually.
You've met your match,
you foul bellowing beast!
- Everybody, stay on the bus.
- Giselle? My love?
The steel beast is dead, peasants.
I set you all free.
- Move that bus!
- Come on, already!
- Get that bus out of there!
- Are you crazy?
Nobody stabs my bus!
I'll tear you apart!
Do you hear me?
- You get down here!
- If you'll allow me...
- Nathaniel, old friend!
- Sire, may I suggest that you...
You? A friend of his?
Crazy tight-wearing...
Come here and mess up my route?
I'll tear you both apart!
Don't you roll your eyes at me!
A rat!
Get it away from me!
Well, strictly speaking,
he's a chipmunk.
Sire, may I suggest we seek elsewhere
for your bride?
- What are you looking at?
- She's beautiful.
It's just a statue!
Come quickly. Quickly.
Sam? Sam, please don't tell me
Mrs. Banks is already here.
- Mrs. Banks is here.
- Great.
With Mr. Banks and his lawyer.
- Perfect, how long?
- Do you want to know?
No, I don't. I need you to
handle something for me, OK?
- See this girl?
- Who is she?
No idea. I'm pretty sure
she's from out of town.
- What do I do?
- Find out where she's from,
and get her there.
And make sure it's cheap.
If Nancy calls me,
I need to talk to her.
Giselle? Don't drink that, OK?
I have a meeting.
Sam is gonna get you home.
Sam? This is Giselle.
Giselle, this is Sam.
- Yes? Hi.
- Stay out of trouble.
Oh... Oh.
- It's nice to meet you.
- It's nice to meet you too.
Your Majesty.
- Nathaniel!
- Your Majesty?
Nathaniel, here!
Finally. Finally.
I'm boiling in here.
- Have you found her yet?
- I'm afraid I haven't, My Lady.
Time is of the essence.
We can't risk my stepson
bringing the girl back.
He shan't, Your Majesty!
I swear it!
No, he shan't. I intend to make
absolutely certain of that.
But, Your Majesty,
how exactly did you...?
...ever end up tasting so...
Mmm... delicious?
Poisoned apples, My Lady.
- You want me to...?
- Don't you see, my darling?
If there's ever going to be
a happily ever after for us...
- Hmm?
- Happily...
...ever after?
Oh, My Lady.
Mmm, yes.
It won't be difficult.
It's just one bite.
That's all it takes.
One small bite to drag her down
into a deep and troubled sleep.
And when the hands
of the clock strike 12,
that precious little pretender
to my throne
will be gone!
It shall be done, My Lady.
- I swear it.
- Yes.
You'll find the girl
at Columbus Circle...
Your Majesty?
You little...
Whoa! Hey!
- Pip!
- Sire! Sire, please. I beg of you.
Don't listen to that
insane little vermin.
He's probably eaten some bad nuts.
We should put him down
for his own good.
Nathaniel, please.
Let him speak.
But, sire! No. He's delirious.
He came to tell all sorts of...
Go ahead, Pip.
What is it you want to say?
You watch me. OK?
Uh-huh. Nathaniel...
- Nathaniel's glad to have me near.
- No, no, no.
Hmm... Oh!
Oh, oh, oh!
I know this.
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