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We're just friends.
Besides, people don't usually
bring their children on dates.
That's too bad.
Morgan's a lovely girl.
She's very kind and very sweet.
Yeah. She's great.
- What?
- Does she miss her terribly?
- Miss who?
- Her mother.
- Well, we just...
- What?
- We don't talk about it.
- Oh.
I'm very sorry.
I didn't mean to pry.
No, no. It's OK.
It's just...
I don't talk about it...
to Morgan or to anybody.
- Because it was very sad?
- Not at first.
- You were in love.
- Yeah.
- That was the problem.
- How could that be a problem?
Because love... The lovey-dovey
version that you talk about?
It's fantasy.
And one day,
you have to wake up and...
...you're in the real world.
- What made you wake up?
...she left.
- I'm so sorry for you both.
- It's OK.
I'm a big boy.
I can handle it.
It's her I worry about, though.
I know she's shy. I know she
doesn't have very many friends.
I just want her to be strong,
you know?
To be able to face
the world for what it is.
That's why I don't
encourage the fairy tales.
I don't want to set her up
to believe in this
"dreams come true" nonsense.
But dreams do come true.
And maybe something
wonderful will happen.
Yeah, well, I forgot
who I was talking to.
Well, I hope you don't forget.
I like talking to you.
For the nice lady.
From a secret admirer.
How come people keep
giving you free stuff?
- What is it?
- It's an apple martini, miss.
Apple mar... Ooh!
It looks yummy.
Be careful. It's poisonous.
- You're joking.
- Yeah.
They'll creep up on you.
I'd be careful.
- Well, I'll just have one sip.
- A sip is all it takes.
- Hi-yah!
- Oh!
You miserable...
There's a rodent on the table!
Can we get some help here?
He's telling me something!
Pip, you're here! Oh!
- It's chewing off her face!
- A chipmunk!
That thing's loaded with disease.
Edward is here!
- Edward is here!
- I'll save you, miss!
Oh, my! Pip?
- Okey-dokey.
- Duck!
Let me see your face.
I'm fine!
Pip wouldn't scratch me! No!
- Where's Pip? Where is he?
- The pizza's breathing!
Oh! Pip!
Oh, no.
What's wrong? Are you OK?
Oh, Daddy.
Tell me magic mirror,
what is this awful place?
Why is everything so difficult?
Will I ever find my heart's duet?
Preliminary search of the pizza oven
did not reveal any rodent remains.
This animal's still out there.
Joining us is the woman
who was attacked
- by this chipmunk.
- Giselle!
Tell us, how does it feel
knowing this dangerous animal
is most likely still alive?
Wonderful! Pip is my very
best friend, and...
Giselle, why don't we go home?
I wasn't finished.
One more question, please.
What villainy is this?
Is this unprovoked attack
part of some new trend?
- Is rodent rage on the rise?
- Magic mirror, I beg you.
- Tell me where she is!
- From 116th and Broadway...
116th and Broadway!
Thank you, mirror.
... I'm Mary Ilene Caselotti.
My goodness. We sure
had a lot of excitement tonight.
- Were you scared earlier?
- A little bit.
But do you
think Pip will be OK?
Oh, I wouldn't
worry about Pip.
He is very brave.
I remember this one time
when the poor wolf
was being chased by
Little Red Riding Hood
around his grandmother's house
and she had an axe. Oh.
And if Pip hadn't
been walking by to help,
I don't know
what would've happened.
I don't really
remember that version.
Well, that's because Red
tells it a little differently.
Good night, Giselle.
And thank you for the nice story.
Good night, Morgan.
Ma'am! You cannot
let your dog do that here!
You're too late.
My apologies.
Oh, Giselle!
Look, uh, Giselle.
That was a nice story about
your chipmunk friend and all.
I know what it's like
when someone disappoints you.
It's tempting to see things
the way you wish
- instead of how they are.
- I don't wish that he's coming, Robert.
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