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formosus, praeclarus!
All this nauseating talk of
"true love's kiss."
It really does bring out
the worst in me.
- Stay back.
- You know, I've been thinking.
If I'm going to remain queen,
I'm going to need
some sort of story
when I go back. Hmm.
What if a giant,
vicious beast showed up
and killed everyone?
And poor, defenseless
Queen Narissa,
she just couldn't save them.
Let's begin with the girl
who started it all, shall we?
- Over my dead body.
- All right.
- I'm flexible.
- Let me go!
Come along, Giselle. I don't
want you to miss this ending.
Let me go!
Ah! Put me down!
You're crazy!
No, spiteful, vindictive, very large.
But never crazy. Ah!
- Giselle!
- Oh, my. This is a twist on our story!
It's the brave little princess
coming to the rescue.
I guess that makes you the damsel
in distress, huh, handsome?
Keep up with me, dear. It's time
to take our tale to new heights!
You'd like to finally be released...
...to help Giselle...
...to best the beast.
Why didn't you say so
in the first place?
Thank you.
Narissa! I'm not going
to let you take him!
We're coming to the end
of our story now.
Are you at the edge
of your seat, Giselle,
just dying to know how it ends?
- Pip!
How about this:
"And they all lived
happily ever after!"
Well, at least I did.
Oh. Ah!
Ow! Ah!
Robert! Hold on!
Is this a habit of yours?
Falling off of stuff?
Only when you're around
to catch me.
 Ever ever after
- Why so sad, beautiful lady?
- She forgot her shoe.
 Storybook endings
Fairy tales coming true
May I?
 Deep down inside we wanna
believe they still do
It's a perfect fit.
 In our secretest heart
 It's our favorite part
of the story
 Let's just admit we all
 Want to make it to
 Ever ever after
 Ever ever after
 Ever ever after
Oops! I'm so sorry.
Wow, really
good reception here.
 Ever ever after
 Ever ever after
 Start a new fashion
Wear your heart on your sleeve
 Ever after
 Sometimes you reach
what's realest by making believe
 By making believe
 Unafraid, unashamed
 There is joy to reclaim
in this world
 You even might wind up
 Being glad to be you
 Ever ever after
- Here you go, sweetheart.
- Thank you, Pip!
All right, everybody, don't crowd.
There's plenty of copies for everyone.
 No wonder your heart
feels it's flying
 Your head feels
it's spinning
 Each happy ending's
a brand-new beginning
 Let yourself be enchanted
 You just might break through
 Forever ever after
And so they all lived
happily ever after.
 I've been dreaming
 Of a true love's kiss 
sub2srt by (Yeolno)
Once upon a time, in
a magical kingdom known as Andalasia,
there lived an evil queen.
Selfish and cruel..,
she lived in fear that one day
her stepson would marry,
and she would
lose her throne forever.
And so, she did all in her power
to prevent the prince from ever meeting
the one special maiden with whom
he would share true love's kiss.
Giselle, Giselle,
how about this for your statue?
- Oh, this will be perfect. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Come on! OK, you mookses, move it!
We have got a face to put together here
while it's still ingrained
in her subcranium.
Oh, Pip, it was
such a lovely dream.
We were holding hands
and dancing, and...
- Oh!
- And these for the eyes.
Blue? Oh, how did you know?
And they sparkle just like his. Mm!
OK. There we go.
- Yes! That's it!
- OK. Yeah, yeah.
- Floor's yours, honey.
- Presenting my one true love.
My prince. My dream come true.
Oh, my goodness!
- Whoa, whoa. What? What's the problem?
- I didn't give him any lips.
- Ooh!
- Does he have to have lips?
Of course.
When you meet the someone
who is meant for you
# Before two can become one
There's something you must do
- Do you pull each other's tails?
- Do you feed each other

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