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somewhere there's
a maid I've never met
 Who was made
 Who was made
 To finish 
- What's wrong?
- You're not singing.
Oh. I'm not.
Well, I'm sorry.
- I was thinking.
- Thinking?
Before we leave, there's one
thing I would love to do.
Name it, my love,
and it is done.
- I want to go on a date.
- A date!
What's a date?
...we go out to dinner.
And we talk about ourselves.
Our likes and our dislikes.
Our interests.
A date.
And remember that you guys can come
and visit Andalasia anytime.
Sure. And if you ever come to town,
we should all get together for dinner.
That would be lovely.
We'll see each other soon.
It's not like we're talking
about, you know,
- forever.
- And ever.
So, uh...
...good luck on your date.
Oh, and you with Nancy.
And you. It was so nice
spending time with you.
I'll never forget you.
You know that.
Thank you for taking care
of my bride, peasants.
I'm going to really miss her.
Me, too, sweetheart.
Me too.
I don't know how they found
each other, Your Majesty.
- I really don't.
- You idiot!
- But, Your Majesty...
- I sent you to kill her, not save her.
- Can't you get that straight?
- I realize you're upset, madam.
But if you could find a way
to give me one more chance.
Another chance? Do you think
poison apples grow on trees?
There's only one left!
You are out of chances!
- But, Your Majesty, please!
- No, forget it!
I'm coming there! And I will
kill the little wretch myself!
Oh, pooh.
I was just thinking about what that girl
said about Phoebe's eyes sparkling.
I was just thinking about what that girl
said about Phoebe's eyes sparkling.
I mean, it's the first thing
I noticed when we met.
- It's true.
- Mm.
- Her eyes really do sparkle.
- Ethan.
OK, look. Look.
As your attorney, Phoebe,
you can't let a chance encounter
with someone...
What if it wasn't chance?
What if it was no accident,
us meeting her.
- You guys had problems.
- Everybody has problems.
Everybody has bad times.
Do we sacrifice all of the good
times because of them?
How did you like your hot dog?
Oh! It's not really a dog. They just
call it a hot dog here.
- It's quite excellent.
- Good.
Well! This has been a splendid date.
- Shall we go?
- Go where?
Back to Andalasia, of course.
To be married.
To live happily ever after
forever and ever.
Oh. Well, we don't have
to go right away.
How long do these dates usually last?
Oh, well...
They can go as long as you want, really.
They can just keep going and going,
just so long as you keep thinking
about activities that you can do.
- Activities?
- We could go to the museum.
Or to the theater?
- Or there's this ball.
- A ball?
There's dancing and music.
- You like that.
- Well, I suppose.
Oh, wonderful.
We should go then.
- Giselle?
- Yes?
- And then home to Andalasia?
- Of course.
The moment it's over.
Giselle! You're back!
You're back!
Oh, Morgan. Oh!
Morgan, I need your help.
I'm going to the ball, and I'm not sure
what to do, or what I should wear.
I don't know where to find
a fairy godmother at this late hour.
I have something better
than a fairy godmother.
Daddy says it's only for emergencies.
This is definitely an emergency.
Here you go,
you get to carry the bag.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Miss?
- Oh. Thank you.
Have a good day.
And when you go out, you don't
want to wear too much makeup.
'Cause otherwise
the boys get the wrong idea.
And you know how they are.
They're only after one thing.
- What's that?
- I don't know.
Nobody will tell me.
So is this what it's like?
- What, sweetie?
- Going shopping with your mother?
Oh, I don't know. I've never
been shopping with my mother.
Me either.
- But I like it.
- Me too.
And just think.
Soon, you'll have a new mother.
You mean stepmother.
It's not true what they say.
I have met so many kind
and wonderful stepmothers.
Edward has a stepmother.
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