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to love
[Giselle] # And grew and grew love
[both] # Since first we knew love
# Through true love's kiss #
Oh, so this is the little forest rat
who thinks she
can steal my throne.
Oh! Excuse me.
I am so sorry.
- Oh! Am I late?
- No, miss.
- I do hope I'm not late.
- Just in time.
- Oh, thank goodness.
- Hey, honey, wait up!
- We arn't done with you yet.
- No! Ah!
- Oh! Thank you.
- You're welcome, Giselle.
- [All chattering]
- You're getting married!
Oh, and what do we look like, garbage?
- Close the door on me!
- [Nathaniel] If you'll allow me...
[Giselle] To think that in a few moments
that Edward and I...
- Yes, yes.
- That he and me... That we...
[laughs, gasps] Oh, my.
Oh, what a lovely bride.
That's very kind of you,
- but I really...
- No, no!
- Granny has a wedding gift for you.
- Thank you.
But I really should be going.
You see, I'm going...
- 'Tis a wishing well, dear.
- Oh!
But all my wishes
are about to come true.
If I ever see that fat mook's
face again, I'm gonna...
[Giselle] I really do have to go.
[Granny] But a wish on your wedding day.
That's the most magical of all.
Just close your eyes,
my darling, and make your wish.
That's right. That's right.
Lean in close.
- Are you wishing for something?
- Yes, I am.
And they both lived happily
ever aft... [gasps]
[Gasping] Help! Edward!
Prince Edward, we need help!
Speciosus, formosus, praeclarus!
Where, my most adored queen,
where did you send her?
To a place where there
are no "happily ever afters."
Oh! Oh.
[Yelps] What is this?
- [Man] Get out of the street!
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Whoa!
Lady! Are you crazy? Now you
have to pay for all of this.
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
I was wondering if one of you
kind people might
direct me to the castle?
Hey, watch it, will you?
- Grumpy!
- Jeez, lady. Are you for real?
I think so. Oh, wait! Wait!
Where are you going? Please, if you
could just point me to the castle?
Where are you going? Please, if you
could just point me to the castle?
I'm supposed to be at the ball
to wed my true love,
Prince Ed... Oh! Edward!
Oh! Edward!
- Edward?
- [Sirens wailing]
Oh, no.
Oh! Hello, old man! Oh!
- May I sit with you?
- [Grunts]
I'm very tired, and I'm scared.
I've never been this far away
from home before,
and I'm not sure at all where I am.
If somebody could show me
just a bit of kindness,
a friendly "hello" or even a smile,
I'm sure that would
lift my spirits so much.
Oh. You have a lovely smile.
- Oh! Where are you going?
- [Laughing]
That's mine!
Bring that back here!
You! Come back here!
I need that!
Oh! Please?
...are not a very nice old man!
[Woman] No way you're getting him,
- [Man] You want him because I want him.
- I'm not letting you have him!
- Forget it. Hank is coming with me.
- Wait a minute, guys.
- I'm getting confused. Who is Hank?
- Hank Aaron.
Milwaukee Braves?
His 1954 rookie card.
A baseball card?
That's what this gets down to
is a baseball card?
You never loved Hank like me.
- You never loved me like Hank!
- How did I make you so angry?
- Robert?
- Yes?
- It's time.
- Ask what you didn't do.
- It's a longer list!
- What would you do if you...?
I have to pick up my daughter.
Can we do this around 9:00?
- 9:00 sounds good.
- Great. I'll see you then.
Phoebe, I'll see you in the morning, OK?
You're just afraid
I don't need you!
- [Man] I need a vacation!
- Thank you.
After a whole day of that,
you still want to get engaged?
Those people got married
on a crazy romantic whim.
It's not like that with Nancy and I.
Right. None of that crazy romantic
stuff for you, huh?
Oh, come on.
- I mean, we're rational.
- [Laughs]
We understand each other's
strengths and weaknesses.
Sounds like building a bridge.
Have you told your daughter?
No, I haven't. Not yet.
I'm going to tonight.
I got a present to ease her into it.
With news like this, I hope
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