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- Have a heart, you!
- No, I heard it first.
Now I am handing our daughter
from us to you.
Children, do couple and breed.
As the Holy Scripture says,
Today you're husband and wife,
and tomorrow
God himself does not know
what you are.
That's how... the way it is.
Take us. In spite of her
angelic temper...
- I...
- Shush!
...we've been living well,
and God will take us in due time,
just her a bit earlier
and me a bit later.
That's the way we wish you to be.
I wish it were faster!
- Enough of that, dad and mom!
- Don't dawdle, the priest's waiting!
- Right!
- True!
Oh my dear daughter!
Eh... Aunt Sekleta may hinder
the wedding!
- Got to do something. Let's go, pals.
- Come on, let's go.
Hold it!
A vile wedding.
- Stop it!
- Sister?
- Sekleta Philipovna!
- Ah! Stealing my son-in-law?
- What son?
- My son-in-law.
- What?
- What son-in-law?
- What shkandalle are we having?
- People, yesterday he got engaged
to my daughter!
- Gentlemen, she's from the asylum!
- She's drunk!
- Don't stand! Get her off! Off!
- Madam!
- Get her off!
- Madam, madam, please!
Please, gentlemen!
Faster, faster, or
say goodbye to your money!
Golokhvosty is down to his last bob,
and her mother thinks he's rich!
- Sekleta Philipovna, what're you doing?
- Sister!
- What's the matter?
- Sister, wake up!
- Sekleta Philipovna!
- Peace, parish, peace!
Why did you string my baby along,
if you didn't want her?
- Svirid, what is she saying?
- That's a lie!
- Lie.
- Lie!
I won't allow very much
of such a publicity.
It's a lie!
This "shkandalle" can't be tolerated!
I'm Svirid Petrovich Golokhvastov!
I'm not something this way, I'm
this way something! A lie!
- All police's in my pocket! I'll
have you arrested, jailed, scoured!
- Who, me?
- For the truth? For your engaging
my daughter? - You're an old liar!
- Liar!
- Sister, calm down.
- Let's handle this.
- No handling! I don't know her,
let alone her daughter. Absolutely.
- You don't know?
Never would've dreamt of
such a thing.
She's mad! Mr. Serkov, will this
old liar scold keep us here?
- Never ever!
- People, I am not a liar.
- People, I'm no liar!
- Prove, please!
- Prove it!
- Sisters!
My dears, testify that yesterday
he got engaged to my daughter.
- With my eyes and with these ears,
I witness they did.      - Yeah.
And here's my oath.
Strike me dead if I didn't
sing them engagement songs.
He was dancing with his garb off,
leading me into temptation...
Hell! Help! Water!
- Water!
- Water.
- Bring water!
- People, don't trust her.
She bribed her witnesses!
There's a court, there's newspapers!
- I have such acquaintances, real much!
- Damned liar!
Please, aunt, leave me.
- Please leave.
- What a fool you are.
- He was taking you for your money.
- Wrong, for love!
Ladies, will you please
tell her.
- He called her an owl.
- A sore-eyed toad, he did.
- A frog-pecker.
- Spat at 'er as if she were Satan.
That's a slander! Evil slander!
Pronia, listen, it's a slander!
Daughter! Water!
- Water!
- Phimka, water!
My child's murdered! People, help!
Water! Bring water!
Pronia, listen. My dear!
Why all your visits?
Why did you swear by God?
You swore...
And knelt before me.
You told me your heart was on fire.
But that was just a crackle
of your cigarette.
Dearest Pronia, look you,
this is but much and much.
It's not your shops
I was marrying.
- It was you I loved.
- My girl!
And you bring shame on me,
before the whole Kiev.
- Before the whole street.
- Daughter!
- My girl!
- But I... Miss Pronia,
this is but much and much.
- Away!
- Shaver!
- From behind the ditch.
I'll go.
You don't have to ask twice.
No, now I'm not letting you go.
- Back off.
- Let me talk to him now.
What's the use of talking?
Make him marry Galia and
tie him up in knots!
D'you think the rich are allowed
every dishonesty?
- Let's bring Galia!

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