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За двумя зайцами

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to wash away the sins!
You're a tempter, I'm a sinner!
- The saints of the Cave will know!
- Let them, they're our kin!
I can't stand it!
I'm a sinner, people!
[folk dancing song]
Come on! Cheer up!
My black beauty, my sweet cutie,
you make me whirl, let us swirl!
I love outrages!
Ladies, aren't they a couple!
Congratulate the engaged!
- Mom!
- Golokhvosty has proposed.
Pardonnez, madam,
do we really have to?..
- Don't ruin my life, mom!
- Shut up!
The daughter does not have to live
poor and wretched like her mom!
You'll marry a rich guy and
become a good dame yourself!
Who can hurt us then? Snooks!
Good women! Let's witness their
engagement and drink to it lawfully.
Pardonnez, madam! She's nuts!
"Far away was a drake"
[engagement song, pretty comic]
"Far away was a duck"
"The drake in the pond"
"And the duck on the mill"
"Now they're in the same mire"
"Far away was Svirid"...
- Stop here! I'm greeting my sister.
- Mammy, come back!
Mammy, what're you doing? Sit here.
- Let me go.
- Sit still.
Let me go, Pronia darling, let me!
God, what if Mr. Golokhvastov
saw us here!
"Far away was Svirid"
"Far away was Galia"...
Oh, people, you've got me anxious!
Woe me, a poor orphan!
My kinsfolk are shy of me!
Nobody of the Serkovs did as much
as set foot in my house.
- All because of that pecker Pronka!
- Are the Serkovs akin to you?
She's my sibling, and that
frog-pecker is my niece.
Silly head.
Cursed me and pushed me out.
Wish that viper!..
Ah, down with her.
- No foot of mine shall be in that
house while I'm alive.
- So you're at loggerheads?
Hey, snub nose! Look here!
It's a wedding veil!
Oh, Stepan!
- Woe me, Stepan darling!
- What's up?
- My mom made me engage!
- How's that? Who to?
This popinjay Golokhvosty!
- Golokhvosty?
- You see, he's rich.
What, he's rich?
He's a rascal, a sham!
How's that? Not rich?
- He's a bankrupt. My boss even
wanted him jailed! - Is it true?
I'll let no man have you!
I'll break anyone!..
Tie it well, or it will bite
the whole ceremony!
Pull it! Bring it here!
- Your high day has come!
- Ii has indeed!
- I've brooded my fortune!
- What a nice guy he is!
Educated, dressy! A duck!
A sweet candy!
I'll be envied like hell!
I'll be such a peahen
with him in the city!
Latest fashions, Frenchy style!
And a richest tail for my dress!
Rustle, rustle, rustle!
- I'm deadly in love!
- My daughter!
I'm burning in my interior.
Where's he?
"Dress-suits for hire"
Nice! Stand right there.
Your size! Look.
Look now! Green, finest kind.
- Wow!
- Hah! Here,
you should look here!
Made of something so bizarre
I can't spell it.
- Of moo... moo...
- Muchlental!
- Yeah, that's it.
- I'd like that for my pants!
- Close the windows!
- That's nothing, my dear.
That's OK, let people know. The Serkovs
are not greedy about her dowry. Here!
This bracelet costs as much
as 75 rubles.
Here's a handkerchief. Lacery!
- One sneeze by a good man!
- Just for your nose!
Well, the bride has a good one!
Close the windows! Boors. Phimka!
- Who is she marrying?
- Her sweetheart.
- Who's that?
- The shaver, Golokhvosty.
- Dare you lie?
- You lie!
- You're a liar!  - It's your mother
had too much lying on her back.
- Heard of Golokhvostov?
- She lies, that's what she does!
- She lies!
- Cross my heart she doesn't!
I'll take that house, and what's
in the house and in the yard, too.
- World class!
- Then I'll fix me a new house,
and the old one'll be for the Serkovs
to sleep with their pigs.
- Cleverly!
- Isn't that frog-pecker ugly!
Now we have money and
will have beauty Galia!
[merry Jewish tune; this district of Kiev
was inhabited by very many Jews]
- Going somewhere? To Sekleta?
- Aren't you? Wanna be the first?
- I'm the first to know and to tell!
- I'm the first!
- I'm the first!
- Have a heart!
- Shame on you, I knew first!
- No, that was me!
- I'm the first!
- I'm the
За двумя зайцами За двумя зайцами

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