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За двумя зайцами

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Sviridovich and you,
Eudocia Philipovna.
I've had a conversation with your
sapient daughter about one
secret thing.
I want to have a sudden marriage
with her ladyship!
And her ladyship agrees.
Will you then bless this here...
desperate enterprise?
- We do as our daughter wants!
- Ditto.
Well, if so, then...
- What about your welfare?
- Wha'?
- Maybe you don't like me, so I...
- Daddy!
- We wish no better!
- This is best!
- We wish no better man!
- I agree!
Then take my lowest bow. Merci.
And the wedding, the quicker
the better. As for other things...
will you please meet my go-betweens.
- That's right.
"Now I'm a wealthy merchant,"
"That's what I think
in this bright day:"
"I should be really trenchant"
"And spend all money in my way."
"A country house, a house in city,"
"And so much more, the list is long"
"Whatever girl is smart and pretty"
"Will never fail to come along"
"Now I'm a wealthy merchant,"
"That's what I think
in this bright day:"
"I should be really trenchant"
"To waste all money in my way."
"With much relief and celebration"
"I'll go and close my barbershop"
"My soul is full of admiration"
"Begone, my razor and my swab!"
Aha! That's where we encounter.
- Bonjour.
- Imagine I wanted to search for ya.
- Eh? What's that for?
- I thought I had let you slip.
By no means, absolutely not!
I... I wanted to make a visit.
- To take a look at my passion.
- Then it's God sent you. Help with it!
Or maybe you amuse your mom-in-law
by taking me for a ride?
That's what I just thought.
"I'm in love and in great agitation"
"He will enter
in trump and in chime,"
"Hug my body with determination,"
"And announce I'll be his
for all time"
"We will ride in a bright
golden carriage"
"Smiles around will be
equally bright"
"You'll be mine in a
life-lasting marriage,"
"Hair of raven and bosom of white"
Phew, thank God, here we are.
Pay money.
Hoosh! Hoosh! Pest on you!
- Please come in.
- Bon jour to you in your home.
Be so kind to sit down.
Where's our dashing beauty?
She didn't come yet,
still on the market.
Oh, such a pity. Great pity.
My excuses, then.
I have a business to run.
Building a big barbershop,
the workers are waiting.
Let them wait. They can wait more.
You can't just leave my
saint's day party, can you!
Your saint's day? Oh! Then
my congrats on that holy event!
Take my innocent kiss
from my innocent lips.
God give health! God give wealth!
How do you do, my beauty! What a
stirring in my soul when I see you!
- Stop that ridiculing!
- No ridiculing on my mind.
- I have honourable intentions.
- I don't know what's going on.
Drop that pretention!
Treat the guest well.
- Mom!
- I'm going to the closet.
Leaving you for sweet nothings.
- Avoiding me, sweetie pie?
- I'm scared.
- What's on your mind?
- Get you, my chick, I'm in love!
- What's up? Can't you keep your
hands off me?       - How can I?
I got hot like a crimper! There's
such a vaudeville in my head, oh mercy!
- Oh my!
- I'm in love, first time!
What a pest! Let go! Don't touch me!
A bad fortune on me!
- Let-me-go!
- Ah! Full accord, then.
- God help you!
- Mammy, mom!
- He's stalking me.
- Enough of that!
Stop fooling me.
Let's sit down to table
and have the first drink.
Galka, fetch the glasses, lay
the table, our people are coming.
We'd better get going,
to avoid those rustic gossips.
That diamond in this heap of muck!
Let's stay. I'm feeling lucky.
Pronka will know nothing.
Hey, see your apple sister
boozing up!
Don't say so, daughter. Today's
her saint's day. We should greet her.
OK, run there to have the rustics
spit in your eyes! Drive on!
To the living and to the dead!
May the living never die,
and may the dead quietly lie!
- Galia!
- Same way next day!
- Same way next day!
- God help us!
Bonjour my sweety pie,
taste a bit of rye!
That's a great sin.
A sin's there to work on,
a sin's there to atone!
Have a drink,
За двумя зайцами За двумя зайцами

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