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outta here?
- Go sell your apples, you!
- And you, protecting that devil!
- Out!
Mom! Mom!
- Look at these ass-headed!
- Sister!
- I'll patch you up, noble asses!
- Phimka!
- Phimka's a fool!
- Outta here!
- You rag-doll, dare you shout
at your aunt!     - Oh my God.
What's wrong with you? This silly doll
has you on the leash like puppies,
and you just clap your lips!
- Oh my dear God!
- Out, dirty rustic!
Have it!
To ya!
See, that's your kins.
You shouldn't have.
It's your aunt.
- A sister to your mother.
- Then kiss her... cheeks!
I just met Aunt Sekleta, so she
asked me to tell you, Miss Pronia,
that you're a bitch.
- Stupid wench!
- And there's a mister at the gate,
asking for ya. - It's him!
Stop fooling around, you slowpokes!
Finish cleaning, quick! Mom,
put the cap on. Dad, your tie!
- Khimka! Khimka!
- Wha'?
Cense in the house to kill the
vodka smell, and heat up champaign!
- Dad!
- Ha?
There's a head under the table!
Damned school!
- Khimka!
- Wha'?
Chimeon, lace me in!
[a stupid pretence of a name]
Come on!
Faster! Pull tighter!
The book! Where's my book?!
Where's the book?
- Why are you sitting here?
- Feelin' weary.
Put the chair here
and fetch the sofa!
The book? Where is it?
- You gave it for kitchen needs.
- You're killing me!
Khimka! Khimka! Khimka!
- Wha'?
- Don't "wha", I told you to hide!
- Wha'?
- Don't "wha" me!
- I'm not.
- Shut up!
- Shut up!
- Done.
- Go bring the hide.
- The hide of what?
Father's hide. Stop!
Fetch the shipskin.
How to pose for the cavalier?
Make a bear!
- Chimeon, be so kind!
- What kind?
- Call that man, viper!
- So speak like a Christian!
My miss is on the bed
begging you to enter.
My veneration to this house's
But before all the others
to you, my Pronia Prokopovna.
- Phimka's a fool!
I'm burning! Flaming with happiness...
...and things like that,
that I can see you on your own sofa!
Ah! Is it you? Bonjour.
I hardly saw you, the book's so
exciting. Merci for coming.
Dear mom! Dear dad! Come in,
Mr.Golokhvastov is so kind to visit.
Let me introduce,
these are my parents.
Having the honour of introducing meself,
Svirid Petrovich Golokhvastov, bodily.
May I have your hand.
Again having the honour of introducing
meself, Svirid Petrovich Golokhvastov,
- Bodily.
- Very glad to see a man of wits.
- Please be seated.
- Please, monsieur.
Sit down, too.
If I dare ask.
Are you a son of the late Petro
Golokhvosty [Naked-Tail]
who was a shaver behind the ditch?
- Daddy!
Their surname is Golokhvastov [Vain-Boaster],
you speaking of a tail or something!
My natural surname is surely
- But ignorant boors like twisting.
- So it means you are not...
of that... of who... are not
not... the shaver's son?
That is, naturally...
Bodily, so as to say - I am.
But mindedly, by education,
we are a totally different model.
Not the same center. Of gravity.
So you are, like,
not a shaver anymore?
- Daddy!
I told you: the barberian!
- I forgot.
- That's nothing, that's simplicity.
You see, I do a lot of various commerce.
I have this delicate merchandise...
like powder, oh-deh-kolon, brilliantine
I'm just stinking with it.
Such a merchandise takes
a real bunch of cash.
Of cash I have a plenty and a bit.
I hold all Kiev merchants indebted.
My friends: ohvicers, cathedral
chorus basses, billiard markers
Told me: why don't you buy all
shops in the center of the city?
So I say: down with that headache!
When I had my villa built
in a good quiet place
It was a two... three...
like, storeyed house
I confess - it was so much troubel,
so much warries!
- Thatta rich!
- Money is not the man's worth.
But his good style is!
How educated he is.
Because when a man is letter'd
his world is now upside down.
Pardonnez, topsy-curvy.
And then where that one which one
is not letter'd sees white,
that's where

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