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- Khimka! Khimka!
- Wha'?
- Don't 'wha' me!
- I'm not whaming, I'm asking.
- Shut up!
- Done.
- Shut up!
- Done.
- Shut up, you fool.
- Khimka's a fool!
- Finish your cleaning quick,
then help me change. - A minute.
- Daughter!
- Daughter.
- What is it you called us for?
- Did you?
Here you are.
You my mom, take off this philistine
kerchief and put this cap on.
And you my dad, put on this tie.
- How can we wear those?
- How?..
- That's modern style.
- So...
- My ma and grandma wore such.
- Oh my...
What are you doing to me?
You can't speak like
good people do.
You can't walk either,
and the house's so simple!
- Simple is no sin.
- No sin.
Why then did you have me
taught the noble way?
- We just wanted...
- Silence, then!
I am seeing a noble cavalier today.
- He may even propose.
- Who???
- Mr. Golokhvastov.
- A shaver from behind the ditch?
Not a shaver but a barberian.
An educated man, a learned scholar!
- Is he rich, too?
- You bet he is!
Our girl knows what's good for her.
So you see that everything
is in order.
- Phimka!
- Phimka!
- Wha'?
- Run for vodka!
Vodka? Are ye crazy?..
How about onions with it?
- What then, daughter?
- Champaign!
- That expensive thing?
- Stingy, eh? Nothing for your daughter...
- Phimka!
- Wha'?
Run to that vintner.
Damned school...
And you - sit in your room
until I command you to come out.
Lest you utter something rustic
in the presence of the cavalier.
And pray that boor aunt of mine
doesn't show up!
Good day to you and your home!
Wow, been running all day long
to sell all the apples up,
like a hound after a rabbit.
And then I think what if I come
round to see the Serkovs and have
a drink or two.
Giving you the present of a cat,
and some apples to Sirko.
How come you callin' me Sirko?
['grizzly dog']
I had a dog named Sirko, then
I kicked it out lest I be called
that filthy name.
I'm no Sirko, I'm Mr.Serkov.
Choose whatever dog name you like.
Have a quick drink, sister,
because we're leaving for vespers.
- Yeah, we're in a real hurry.
- Time permits. Good, thank God!
I knew it!
- So here's a guest for us, hah?
- That's right.
- You've said it, baby darling.
- It is not a visiting day.
As good for visits as a day can be.
I've sold all my apples. Let's have
a drink, Prokop Sviridovich!
- This idea makes me...
- Hah!
My God, she's got a follower!
Nice drinking privilege you have
at your own house!
Pa, put it down!
There's no pothouse for ya here.
You know what, Priska. Go to kitchen
and make some tea for your aunt!
You wish, hah!
You dare? You dare! Mom! Dad!
My daughter making tea
after her school education?!
Speaking of education...
A couple of days at school as a
gofer is not yet an education.
- What? - Go pamper your Priska,
if you don't yet have enough!
Don't you dare call me that name!
Drill your Galia if you like!
If my daughter camped around
like that, that viper
would catch her scolding
all right!       - What?
Then go drill your sprout,
and I've done my drill!
Too little of that.
Got to do a lo-o-ot more.
This is not, dear sister,
the business of yours!
U-uh. Don't you think you fuss
over her a bit too much?
Dad, ask her to leave!
Unwanted guest...
- We, Sekleta Philipovna,
are this way, and you...
- ...are that way.
- Yeah!
What way? You think I don't
know the noble family of Serkovs?
Your father was a tanner,
that's how he made his bread.
And I sell apples to make mine,
fearing no one!
- Even your great scholar Priska.
- We don't fear you that much either!
- Too short a hand! - Long enough
to catch a nose like yours.
- Mom!
- What about her nose, eh?
Good to peck frogs!
- Your man had a nose like... like...
- Like what?
Oh! Like an open haycock!
Hands off my man, you!
He was under no one's thumb.
And he wasn't a boor like yours!
- Dad!
- Who, me a boor?!
- Get her outta here!
- Who?
- Me, Sekleta Lemerikha,

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