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propose me.
Come to our place.
- Afraid of your old folks at home.
- What ho! My old folks!
They'll do as I say.
"Mommy is a golden-hearted woman"
"Daddy is a merchant, quite well-off"
"Their only son is posh like no one"
"Having everything I can dream of"
So, friends.
That's when our real life begins!
That's where I have that Pronka!
Let me just jog that old Serkov,
and see easy money
jingle all round! A beautiful life!
My razors and my clippers will wing
their way right into the river!
- Colossal!
- World class!
- Sviry, how filthy that Pronka is!
- A toad indeed!
I'll get me some good soap,
to wash my lips after her!
And I'll have such a sweet candy aside,
one look - and you're in love!
- Hush, my dolly, I won't eat you up!
- Let me go.
Or I'll shout for a constable!
Shout! One complain of mine,
and you'll be in the watchhouse!
- What?! Why?
- Because, my chick-chuck,
when I saw you first time up there,
I just...
...just been dying since then.
Right in love! You don't believe?
- Let me go!
- Then kill me right here!
- Come on, shoot through my chest!
- Let others shoot if they like.
- I don't need those others.
- Let me go, or I shout, by God!
I don't need those others.
- I'll gild you all over. I'm rich!
- I don't care about gold.
- How's that? Everybody cares.
- Let go of me!
Am I so ugly? Just look!
- A finest model.
- Scarecrow!
- Chick-chuck, give me luck!
- Let me go!
- I'm gonna shout!
- Just love me!
- I'll call people!
- Love me, or I'll strangle myself!
Please do.
- What're you doing?
- Chick-chuck!
What are you doing?
Let me go again! Let go!
- Mom!
- You, with a man of worth?
Ending up like that!
I don't know him, I swear by God,
he was picking on me, mom!
She doesn't know! As if!
Stand where you are!
Going somewhere, good sir?
You'll have your eyes scratched!
Mom, people may hear!
A defender! Go home, quick!
Ah, leaving?
- Leaving, eh? Escaping, eh?
- Pardonnez, madam.
- Don't twitch.
- Damned if I can't check this cocky boy!
- Madam, make no scandal, people may see.
- Let them see.
Let them all know and see!
I'm rich, I'll pay money!
Look at him! Wanting me to sell
my own daughter for money!
- People!
- Madam, quiet!
- Why were you tempting her?
- Damned if I was.
- You were!
- Damned if I was!
You were tempting her,
damned soul, you were!
I saw you huggin' and kissin'.
So you were tempting her!
You were, you were!
You can't escape!
- You can't, I won't let you!
- Just don't shout!
I have the right, I will shout!
Help! Murder!..
- Listen here. I have love with your
daughter.     - Get outta here!
- I know those tricks of yours, noble rogue.
- I am not noble, I'm a commoner.
- I just have a bit of education on me.
- Not just on.
- Just on, by God!
- Not just on.
- On, just a little!
- You're lying, rascal, not just on! Liar!
- No I'm not.
- You are.
I'm not. I'm in love with Galia.
- In love?
- Right.
- Then propose.
- I will.
- Do propose.
- I will.
Just... just let me go.
Oh no! I'll let you go when you
give an oath. Eat the holy ground.
Yeah, but a dog might've made...
So how then?..
- Then let's go make a church oath.
- A church oath?
Swear by Holy Church.
- Speak...
- Ready.
- May all the Cave Saints scourge me.
- May all the Cave Saints scourge me.
May I be pinned to the ground by the
great bell of the Cave Monastery.
May I be pinned by the
bell of the Monastery.
- If I lie.
- If I lie.
- Now I believe you.
- Do please.
But, my dear boy, there's nothing
of dowry with my daughter.
What for? I have enough of mine.
- A house in the city, a villa, and
people working. - Then come please.
My cabin is over there,
behind the gully.
- You ask for Lemerikha, and anyone
will show you. Bye then. - Bon jour.
And don't think of escaping.
- No parish's far enough to hide ya.
- Why would I?
Oh my God! A nice scrape.
Daddy, mammy, close the shop
and go to the living-room.


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