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За двумя зайцами

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Robber, thief, bankrupt!
Will I get you to jail!
- No, will I kill you!
- Don't kill me, listen here!
Mr. Serkov gives 20,000 of dowry
with his Pronia.
- Ten.
- So I wanna marry her ladyship.
- Will she want to?
- She will.
Will she like you?
Can anyone not like me? Look here!
Having the honour to introduce meself,
Svirid Petrovich Golokhvastov, bodily.
Mademoiselle, bon jour!
[then pseudo-French mumbling]
Pardonnez moi! Don't you tear
my heart like oakum or what!
My bosom is a walloping Vesuvius!
Decide on my unfortunate destiny!
I beg your hand on my knees!
But this enterprise cannot work
without money, to change the models.
Dressing a new style.
Taking the damsel somewhere, and
candies, and a cab, that's a must!
- Serkov's money are as good as
ours... As yours!    - Klugler!
- Eh?
- Clever boy!
Write a promissory note.
One hundred percent.
[girls are singing a folk song]
- Hello, Svirid Petrovich.
- Bon jour.
- Hello!
- My greetings.
Oh, what a suit you have here!
- Made of a foreign fabric.
- Must be expensive!
One hundred. No skimping.
Dress best to be met best.
- Right, best bib and tucker.
- That's right!
Take the trousers.
Must stand firm as a chimney.
Let'em stand a wrong way, and what?
You lose your physiognomy at once.
Now the waistcoat.
Gotta be careful about it, too.
A wrong color, and you're down.
No affinity.
- No af... what?
- A bad parade of complexion.
Your ja-ket is your main model.
No model, no man.
- And the buttons!
- The buttons are German.
- And the fabric!
- The fabric is Scottish.
Great Scott-ish, eh?
Why am I talking to you? Ignorance!
My best regards to a
wondrous beauty here.
Having the honour to introduce meself:
Svirid Petrovich Golokhvastov, bodily.
I am so pleased to date you up.
I believe in love at first sight.
So good a girl is not
for so vain a peacock!
Keep your hands off the girl, stranger,
lest our Stepan put you in danger!
Rustics uneducated!
- We'll see about YOUR education.
- Bottlehead, handle them.
"Film theatre VAMPIRE"
Bon jour, mademoiselle!
My heart got hot just like my crimper,
while I was catching you up.
Merci, monsieur.
- These are my best friends.  - They
don't seem to be Tom, Dick and Harry.
Having the honour to introduce meself:
Svirid Petrovich Golokhvastov, bodily.
- Usti-ya.      - Nasti-ya.
[rustic names presented with
a pretence to noble style]
I seem to have met you somewhere.
No wonder, all Kiev knows me
all right.
And I have seen you, too!
I like to have a walk or two
with educated people.
'Cause the feet, mind you, are given
to one to beat the ground with.
That's the reason why
they do not grow... from one's head.
Please attend the theater with me.
"Life of Kiev"
"Metropolitan's visit"
"Governor's birthday"
"Stout firemen"
"Fire station"
"River flood in Low Town"
A drama in 2 parts."
I am dying watching romances
like this.
About love that boils like tar!
Miss Pronia, isn't it better to
have a romance than watch one?
Dare I ask you what idea do you
get about me, if any?
- I am asking you!
- Why would you need to know that?
"Another victim..."
Again I ask you, Pronia Prokopovna,
what is that idea you hold about me?
Need you ask me such things?
Makes me so confused.
- Mind you, maid I am.
- So you're a maid, and what?
That's nothing,
that's a mere trifle.
- I don't get any ideas at all.
- Don't worry, I get all the ideas.
Don't you know what a shame it is
for an innocent young lady?
But it can be no otherwise.
You have to, all the same.
- Don't speak of love,
it's a shkandalle!
- Miss Pronia...
No, I have to speak of love. 'Cause
I am... like... in love with you!
- So what d'you say?
- Merci for that.
Just here, at night, under the moon...
Don't say, don't say!
It scares me so much to hear that.
- My heart is jumping.
- Let it be.
Jumpin' is good. My lil' dolly-bird!
Oh no!
First you have to
За двумя зайцами За двумя зайцами

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