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За двумя зайцами

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Let's go.
- Stop it.
- Hold it!
Stop it! Don't let him marry Galia!
He's not rich, he owes me...
Stop it, don't wed them!
- Hold it! He's no rich.
- He's stripped. Show them.
- Show his bills!
- He's a bankrupt!
- Bankrupt.
- Bankrupt.
Bankrupt, bankrupt!
What are you staring at? OK, bankrupt.
Yes I am. A bankrupt.
And all that I needed was your money.
If I were rich, what would
I've done here in your garbage heap?
Pigs uneducated, that's what you are.
If I were rich, I'd have found
demoiselles in the city
wearing all foreign, head to foot,
their hair dressed like that.
Rather than wooed your filthy Pronka.
Let me hold him by his throat!
Bon jour, the aristocracy
of Tanner Street!
Hey, step aside!
- Come on.
- Come on, come on.
Bon jour! Let's go, friends.
"High above my head
a bird is singing"
"Flying to and fro, as does its kind"
"There's no reason why
we shouldn't go drinking"
"Having fun is all we have in mind"
Translated into English
by V.Brodovoy, 2006-2007
За двумя зайцами

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