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workers should know
what is demanded
"drowning his anguish in wine.
But the fatal hand had long been drawing
threatening letters on the wall"
Include the committee of elders.
"The time will come
and the people will awake
great, powerful, and free."
They will gather at the factory,
in order to be seen.
"your road of virtue and dignity."
Go back with peace and goodwill.
We will deliver the dead body
to the hospital ourselves.
Your Nobleness!
Dead can't be healed!
Gentlemen! I warn you!
I warn you!
I warn you!
"Where's this street, where's this house,
where's the girl I'm in love with?"
That's nothing, he'll wait.
Go back with peace and goodwill.
The dead man had also gone back
to his machine with goodwill
and he got to it.
So why are you standing?
Go back with peace and goodwill to die!
Stop! Where are you running?
We have nowhere to run.
We won't have peace anyway.
They are killing us like dogs.
They are shooting, let them shoot.
That's right, Maxim!
Strike, comrades!
Strike, comrades! Strike!
Strike, comrades!
Don't surrender, comrades!
Don't surrender!
Don't surrender, comrades!
Don't surrender!
Don't take him, take me, I'm a drunkard.
Why him? For the truth?
Your Nobleness, what for?
Don't surrender, comrades!
Don't surrender!
And Maxim went to the University.
Wet. Seal.
Stay still.
Height 169.
In the sitting position 133.
Foot - 24.
Blue eyes.
Even teeth.
Say clearly and distinctly: c-o-r-n.
Say: A-ra-rat.
Say something else.
Go to hell.
Good. Get out.
There's no one to sing songs with,
no one to talk to
unless to myself.
Hello Maxim,
are you holding on?
I am.
How are you?
Not bad.
It was raining the day before yesterday.
"A dashing troika is tearing along,
a village policeman is riding his horse.
Someone's sweetheart is
standing aside and crying.
Someone's sweetheart is
standing aside and crying."
One must not sing.
I saw you, my friend.
You were giving a speech, very good.
Why are you feeling down?
Is it your first time in prison?
The first.
As a long-term resident of
Kresty, Butyrka and Yakutia
I give honors to a young guest.
What's your name?
- Maxim.
- Oh, Maxim.
- Are you literate?
- Of course.
Do you like reading books?
I do.
Which do you like the best?
- Anton Krechet.
- Serious reading!
they will take five people for execution:
Kachkov Fedor,
Ivanov Stepan,
Zaltseman Yakov,
Savchenko Dmitry
Chief, let me go!
Dyoma for execution
You must not make noise.
I had a wonderful dream:
I enter the Tsar's palace,
I just felt like chatting with Nikolashka.
I look around - and the throne isn't there.
There's an armchair
and in it our Maxim is sitting.
Maxim became the workers' Tsar.
He looks at me gently and says:
"You lived, Dyoma, like a swine,
but you worked from morning till night.
What do you feel like doing now?"
And I tell him:
"Your Majesty Maxim, I just
want to live decently."
And he says: "Live, get your
room with your own bath,
work 8 hours and study to be a minister."
What a foolish dream!
Stand up!
Get ready.
Farewell, comrades!
Farewell, comrades!
Farewell, comrades!
Farewell, Maxim!
Farewell, Dyoma!
Farewell, comrades!
Do you sing the Warsawian?
"The enemy winds are
blowing over our heads.
- Black forces are oppressing us."
- Louder!
"We entered a deathly
battle with enemies,
unknown fates are awaiting us.
But we will proudly and boldly raise
the banner of the workers' struggle.
The banner of the great
battle of

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