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- Off you go. So long. Bye, Teek.
- [Speaking Ewokese]
[High-Pitched whining]
Teeha,  Cindel. Bye. Bye.
Teeha,  Cindel. Teeha,  Cindel.
Bye. Teeha,  Cindel.
Teeha. Teeha,  Cindel.
[Engines Roaring]Daddy! Daddy!
Me and wicket
are going back to the village now!
Tell your mother
l got the main unit repaired!
It shouldn't be long now.
- Cindel leave soon?
- I guess so.
The star cruiser's almost fixed.
We're gonna have to say goodbye.
That's what you say
when your friends go away.
"Goodbye" not good.
I don't wanna leave here, wicket...
but we can finally go home.
- Home?
- It's where we live. It's far away.
Why go?
For one thing,
my brother and I could go to school.
It's where you go to learn things.
Cindel learn here with wicket.
No, silly.
I have to learn grown-up things.
Mmm! Wicket go to school.
Yes! You could come with us!
No. Ewok live here.
Wicket family here.
Don't worry. I won't be gone forever.
I'll come back and visit you
as soon as I can.
Yes, yes!
Cindel come back, visit wicket.
- What's wrong?
- Shh.
Cindel stay.
- Mommy.
Mace! Mace!
Get back, Cindel!
- Mommy!
- Stay away!
Get help! Get Dad!
Daddy! Daddy!
My lord Terak wants what you
have concealed from him.
He will get what he desires.
- Wait a minute.
I want the power.
You will give it to me now.
I don't... I haven't got anything
that's valuable here.
We're... We're strangers here. We just...
Is this not the hidden ship?
Are you not the guardian of the power?
I don't know what you're talking about.
- No, please don't. No, please...
The power. I have the power!
- Are you all right, sweetheart?
- Mm-hmm.
Mommy, Mace, they're dead.
I know, honey. I know.
- I'm scared.
- So am I.
But we have to be strong now.
Do you understand that?
Do you remember the story
l used to tell you...
about the little bird...
that got blown out of his nest
during a storm?
He had to fly for the first time, didn't he?
That's right. He flew and he flew...
and, finally, after the storm,
he found his way home.
Now, honey, I want you to find Deej.
The Ewoks will help you.
- No, Daddy. I want to stay with you.
- No, sweetheart.
You can't do that.
You have to go on without me.
You have to be like that little bird
and fly away.
- I won't.
- Now, listen, Cindel, you will.
Now, you do as I say.
When I say go, you run.
Cindel, I'll always be with you.
I'll always be with you.
I love you.
Don't look back. Just run fast. Run!
There's no escape for you, my little one.
You are a pretty prize.
- Oh, wicket. It's you!
- Cindel!
My family... they're all dead.
What happens to me now, wicket?
I'm all alone.
Wicket take care of Cindel.
My family.
Wicket Cindel's family now.
- Ewoks family now.
Cindel live. Wicket live.
Must have hope.
Must escape.
- Shh, shh, shh!
What did he say?
Hole too small. Ewok too big.
I can fit. And he could fit.
I know he could.
Wicket fit.
Cindel, hurry.
One, two, three.
- Go!
- Oh!
We go!
Hurry, Cindel!
Whoa! Ohhh! Oh!
Cindel, in here!
Safe now.
But we're trapped!
Find way out.
Back. Back, Cindel.
Oh, no!
We can't get down this way.
Trouble. Big trouble.
Hmm. Mm!
Hmm. Hmm.
Oh! Mmm. Hmm.
Cindel, help! Help, Cindel!
Run, wicket! Run!
Hyah! Oh!
- Oh, no!
- Cindel!
Cindel! Cindel!
Wicket! Wicket!
Help! Help!
- Oh!
- Cindel, I coming!
Oh! Cindel!
Hold on! Hold on!
Cindel safe now.
- Look. Go. Hide here.
- What's that?
- Trouble.
- Huh?
Got you.
- Nooo!
He could help us.
Him help? Humph.
Maybe he knows where we can find food.
Food, food, food.
I think he understands.
We're hungry.
Could you help us find some food?
- Let's go.
Over there!
- Over there!
- Okay.
What that?
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